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Rifles may only be used in exceptional cases

Unfortunately, he came up with the idea of ​​the app very late. "We still don’t know whether the guests are corona-free. But at least we know that they have recognized the gravity of the situation."

The site with around 65 parking spaces is currently fully occupied, the rule has been in force for long-term campers since Monday, for everyone else since Saturday. Although Saathoff also makes exceptions, for example when a 70-year-old arrives without a cell phone. So far, almost all guests have reacted understandingly when Saathoff was shown the app, he said. But dozens of people vent their anger on the Internet. Of "Pure discrimination" is written in a review of the campsite or that the operator forces the Corona app on the guests.

The app has been around since June. It can measure whether mobile phone users have come closer than about two meters for a longer period of time. If a user has tested positive and has shared this in the app, it notifies other users that they have been near an infected person. It was important to the consumer advice centers that the app actually remains voluntary. It should not be the case that employers, restaurants or authorities define the use of the app as an access requirement.

1. FC Köln have to fear the failure of their most important and currently last striker a good week before the start of the competitive game. Because he had to stop training.

According to consistent media reports, 1. FC Köln’s striker Jhon Cordoba had to end training early on Thursday. Apparently the Colombian had injured his groin. A diagnosis is still pending.

Cordoba, with whom FC could not yet agree on an extension due to a contract that expired next summer, had scored 13 goals in the previous Bundesliga season. Only five players were more successful in the league. Since Anthony Modeste has not yet trained in this preparation due to knee problems and Simon Terodde has been transferred to Hamburger SV, he is also the last trained center forward in the squad.

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After a little more than a week’s injury break, Noah Katterbach started training on Thursday. The left-back had also canceled his trip to the U20 due to muscular problems.

Sources used: dpa news agency

At airports, birds regularly get caught in the engines of the machines – and cause serious damage in the process. Hamburg Airport has developed an unusual method to drive the animals away.

To avoid bird strikes, Hamburg Airport relies on the work of a falconer. Its hawks and desert buzzards, specially conditioned for the task, fly at least twice a week over the green spaces at the edge of the runways to scare away crows, gulls and pigeons. "With this we have very good dissuasion successes"said airport forester Markus Musser.

While pyrotechnics only scare the birds briefly, the trained birds of prey drive away the flocks for two to three days. If birds get into aircraft engines, the machines can be seriously damaged. An engine failure is also possible.

A vet had the idea

Falconer Herbert Boger has been working at the airport for seven years. The idea of ​​hiring him was born out of necessity, explained Musser. It was forbidden to hunt the birds with weapons. Rifles may only be used in exceptional cases. "We were desperately looking for a new method." A veterinarian friend gave the tip to the falconer. 

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 Helmut Schmidt Airport is a pioneer in Germany with the project. Bremen, Cologne / Bonn and Düsseldorf also worked together with falconers. Airports abroad such as Barcelona, ​​Prague or Warsaw also had their air traffic protected from birds of prey, Musser said. According to its own information, Hamburg Airport counts around 35 bird strikes per year.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A two-year-old who was missing for several hours was found safe and sound in a garage in the Rhein-Sieg district. According to previous knowledge, the child ran into the open garage, the gate of which then closed, said a police spokesman for the German press agency on Sunday evening. She was brought back to her relieved parents in the municipality of Alfter west of Bonn. Whether the garage closed automatically or was closed is still unclear, said the spokesman. The girl was found around 8:55 p.m. in the immediate vicinity of the courtyard, from which it had previously disappeared.

The police had been looking for the missing toddler with a large contingent since the late afternoon. Be it "in an unobserved moment" disappeared. Among other things, a helicopter and search dogs were used. According to the police, the fire brigade and around 40 volunteers also helped.

A woman already lying on the street was run over by a car in Alfter near Bonn and was seriously injured in the process. The condition of the 69-year-olds is critical, said a police spokesman on Tuesday. According to initial findings, the 66-year-old driver had overlooked the woman on the street on Monday evening and braked too late. With another driver he freed the woman trapped under the car. Why it was lying on the road was initially unclear. The 66-year-old was hospitalized in shock.

An intoxicated driver spat on police officers and threatened them with coronavirus infection. The incident occurred on Wednesday in Alfter in the Rhein-Sieg district, the officials reported. The 36-year-old had been stopped by a patrol because a witness had seen him drive a van in a meandering line while apparently holding a beer bottle in his hand.

At the police check he then went "uncooperative" behavior. He insulted the emergency services, coughed and spat on them – with the note that he came from Heinsberg and was "Corona positive". Eventually the man was restrained and taken into custody.

The police said they heard in the Heinsberg district, which is particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and also with the surrounding health authorities – but that did not lead to a confirmation of the case. Be him on a voluntary basis "for further clarification" a smear has been taken. The man was released from police custody on Thursday. Criminal proceedings await him – among other things because of the suspicion of driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda deepened their partnership, which has existed for around four decades, with a visit from Education Minister Stefanie Hubig (SPD). "We have signed a letter of intent to continue our close collaboration in education and training"said Minister of Education Stefanie Hubig at the end of a week-long trip to the German press agency. She was accompanied by Interior Secretary Randolf Stich (SPD) and other delegation members.

"We want to support the training of teachers, especially in primary schools in Rwanda"said Hubig. With around 45 children, the primary school classes in Rwanda are still very large. Because the classrooms are insufficient, lessons often have to be organized in shifts, especially in rural areas. "There is an urgent need for more teachers."

Hubig said their visits spanned the entire educational chain, from daycare to vocational schools. In terms of vocational training, the Rwandan partners are interested in even closer cooperation in the training and further education of teachers, said the minister, pointing to existing projects. "We can learn from one another, for example in the digitization of teaching."

"Compulsory school attendance is also very important to my Rwandan colleague Eugène Mutimura"said Hubig. About six percent of the children did not go to school, especially in the villages. "The children are then often left to their own devices because their mothers work in the fields."

Hubig was affected by visits to the Gisozi genocide memorial and to the survivors’ organization IBUKA. "We learned a lot about the genocide of 1994, about school memorial work and what the country has been doing since then to deal with and deal with this injustice in very different ways." It is impressive how Rwanda has managed to live and stick together again in a society in a comparatively short time.

Everywhere it was felt how important the partnership with Rhineland-Palatinate is to the people in Rwanda, said the minister. More than 220 school partnerships showed how actively friendship is lived. Mutual visits are still the exception, but there are many other contacts such as pen pals or via social media. "In the future we want to network the existing school partnerships even better."

The student Lucas Fomsgaard from the Stefan-George-Gymnasium in Bingen said that at his school the partnership with the school in Nyagahanga in the eastern province of Rwanda is cultivated in a separate working group. Since 2003 there have been five trips there with schoolchildren, after intensive preparation for about ten days. "Our aim is that students from our Rwandan partner school can also visit us once."

Gland (dpa) – The stocks of mountain gorillas and fin whales have recovered thanks to comprehensive protective measures. The number of fin whales has roughly doubled to around 100,000 specimens since the 1970s, announced the World Conservation Union (IUCN) at the presentation of its current Red List.

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At the same time, the experts warned of problems caused by overfishing. 13 percent of the grouper species worldwide and 9 percent of the 450 fish species in East African Lake Malawi are threatened with extinction.

"The decline in species has a significant impact on the price of fish around the world and reduces food safety for millions of people"said IUCN expert Yvonne Sadovy. The World Conservation Union is currently examining 97,000 plant and animal species – out of a total of around 1.7 million species described so far – for the Red List. Almost 27,000 of them are considered threatened. That is 10,000 more than around ten years ago.

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The fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) are no longer considered "endangered"but are now as "endangered" listed. Also the situation of the gray whales, which so far as "threatened with extinction" were valid, have improved. "These whale populations are recovering thanks to bans on commercial whaling, international agreements and other safeguards"said Randall Reeves of IUCN on Wednesday in Gland, Switzerland.

There was also good news about the situation of the mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei). Not least because of measures against poachers in their habitat, their population has increased significantly. According to the IUCN, the number of animals has increased from around 680 to more than 1000 in the past ten years. The mountain gorillas live in protected areas in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are now called "endangered" and no more than "threatened with extinction" classified.

With a view to the new classification, the IUCN made it clear, despite the successes, that the protective measures would have to be continued. Among other things, the number of tourists must be reduced and close contact between people and the gorillas avoided.

"Individual successes in species protection must not hide the fact that we are in a permanent ecological state of emergency. Global biodiversity is trapped by humans in a constant crisis mode", explained Christoph Heinrich, Director of Nature Conservation at WWF Germany on the occasion of the presentation of the new Red List. The positive examples also showed that nature conservation can be successful if decisive action is taken.

The IUCN experts see a worrying development in some types of wood. The increased demand in China for construction and furniture wood is leading to overexploitation in Africa. All species of the agarwood tree are now on the red list. Components of the tree are used in the perfume and fragrance industry, which makes the wood one of the most expensive in the world.

For the international red list, experts have been assessing the endangerment of individual animal and plant species since 1963. They regularly determine the probability of the respective species becoming extinct. The species examined are categorized by "not endangered" to "extinct" classified.

On August 1st, the Bonner SC will start preparing. There are a total of 20 players in the squad. It is tested with seven games.

The blue-reds start preparing for the coming season. The coaching team starts on August 1st with 20 players in the squad. The Bonner SC explains this on Facebook.