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Have the Ravens found their Taysom Hill?
That is what Baltimore is currently hoping after drafting quarterback Trace McSorley from the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft.
In addition to his traditional place as Saints quarterback, Hill played tight end, wide receiver and running back. He combined kickoff and punt coverage along with the field goal block unit.
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McSorley was a player as a three-year starter at Penn State — he handed for 77 touchdowns and 9,899 yards and ran for 1,697 yards and 30 scores. It’s easy to see why the Ravens want to utilize him in ways that are various.
“You saw what the Saints have done down with their third quarterback,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said in May, through ESPN. “That’s something we will have an opportunity to do, also, with Trace. He’s likely to be able to play exceptional teams too. The more you’re able to do. You need players with characters, and he is a man which has a opportunity to have a huge role for us.”
Even though the comparisons to Hill are obvious, the Ravens are testing McSorley out at a position even Hill didn’t play 2018 — punt returner. McSorley took reps returning punts over the previous several weeks at minicamp practices and Ravens OTAs.
“It is something which’s a brand new challenge for me personally, something which I had not really had never done,” McSorley said, via the”The Lounge” podcast. “So it is just something interesting to have the ability to enter and learn and attempt to prove myself in another way I can be able to get on the area and make an impact.
“It’s been interesting. It’s going well, although it has had its ups and downs the first couple of times doing it. I am looking forward to have the ability to come out and do anything that I can, especially in the particular teams aspect for the group. I would like to prove myself there.”
No matter the Ravens do with McSorley, expect it to be untraditional. Second-year quarterback Lamar Jackson is clearly the newcomer, but it doesn’t mean the area won’t be seen by McSorley.

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