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Following Carson Wentz inked his gigantic $128 million contract extension, eyes turned westward, to Los Angeles, in which Jared Goff sits as one of the next young quarterbacks awaiting his payday.
The signal-caller insists he’s not concerned about his contract, which could hit another stratosphere.
“It is not for me to be worried about,” Goff said Tuesday, through the Associated Press. “It is for the staff and my agent to work on, and keep doing exactly what I’ve been performing on the field, and hopefully it will look after itself.”
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Goff has helped the Rams to back-to-back NFC West titles and a Super Bowl appearance in three seasons. The 24-year-old said he is concerned about improving as a player, not his next thing.
“You certainly think about it,” Goff said of the next contract. “But at the same time, I know that none of that is even possible without playing on the area, and being accessible on the field. I’ll just continue to do what I have been doing the past couple of years, and it will look after itself.”
It’s difficult to not read Goff’s remark on accessibility as a subliminal reminder that while he hasn’t missed a game because of injury since being draft No. 1 overall in 2016, Wentz has endured season-ending injuries each of the previous two decades. If, as Bill Parcells was able to say, the main ability is availability, then Goff has a leg up on Wentz in that department.
Goff is on the Rams’ novels for the following two seasons of his rookie contract, then the Rams have the capability to wield the franchise tag for the subsequent two years. Theoretically, L.A. could use the quarterback for the subsequent four decades without giving him a long-term extension.
Coach Sean McVay has heard the idle chatter that perhaps the Rams are not enamored with the notion of paying Goff $30-plus-million a year, especially after his Super Bowl dud. The coach scoffed at the notion that any QB could triumph in his own system, and said the Rams plan for Goff to be”our quarterback” for”a long moment.”
“Any of the things or narratives that are out there — Jared Goff, so long as I’m fortunate enough to be in this function, ideally this man is stuck with me for a long time,” McVay said. “He’s an exceptional leader. Folks make a deal concerning this system, (but) he is the main reason why (it works). Our players will be the reason why the machine is what it is, as (Goff) can perform a lot of different things. … He has true ownership, a fantastic ability to communicate with his teammates, and together with him leading the way, we feel really good.”
The Rams talked about how Aaron Donald would be paid by them, but it took a while to get that deal. Might we find a scenario play out with the starting quarterback?

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