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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has called Hans-Joachim Watzke that aclown following the Borussia Dortmund primary executive indicated that he moved to Arsenal for cash.
98 league targets were scored by aubameyang but combined all the side and Arsenal for a then-club-record fee, known to be 60m, in January 2018 together.
For turning out with Arsenal rather than the Champions League watzke also appeared to take a thinly-veiled dig in the 30-year-old.
According to various reports, Watzke advised Suddeutsche Zeitung:Obviously it is difficult to maintain a player in the surface of such sums. Where they have played Champions League for ages some go to nightclubs because of this money.
Aubameyang, that performs great at Arsenal, will probably be warm-hearted when he looks at his own bank accounts, but on Wednesdays will be saddened if hes to watch the Champions League on tv.
However, since joining the team Aubameyang, that has scored 49 goals for Arsenal, hit labelling Watzke that a hypocrite into Barcelona at 2017.
Better for you I never talk about why I actually left Dortmund Mr Watzke, you such a man, he tweeted.
I remember that time you said we never going to sell Ousmane then you definitely saw over 100M, you were the very first to take that money. Dont speak about money please!!! Leave me pls.

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