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Vegas Over/Under: 42.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 40-42 The Bet: Hammer the under The Philadelphia 76ers appear to one day. However, let’s not create an air of disappointment by expecting too much.
Vegas, likely capitalizing on the enthusiasm that surrounds all of the future stars, is currently doing so. Betting under is one of the year’s most easy sports stakes.
Joel Embiid isn’t guaranteed to keep healthy. Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons have played in a joint zero games. The remainder of the roster is laden with upside down, but they are by no means guaranteed to break through and create strongly positive results in 2017-18.
Lest we forget, the Sixers went. If you bet the above, you’re counting on a minimum of a 15-game advancement, and that is quite a good deal to ask.
Obviously, arguments exist on the contrary. Philadelphia had numerous turnover problems last year that counting on two rookie playmakers to lead the fee isn’t really an issue. It won 28 games with Embiid only suiting up 31 times, and both numbers are likely to trend up moving forward, particularly with more thickness surrounding the talented center.
But incremental improvement remains far more likely than a monumental leap from deep from the lottery to over .500.

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