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Melvin Gordon reported mandatory minicamp this week, along with the Los Angeles Chargers running hopes another step in the offseason is a new contract.
“I would be lying if I said I did not need a deal done,” Gordon said Tuesday, via ESPN’s Eric Williams. “But that is not likely to stop me from coming out here and doing everything I need to do. We are going to see. I’d like to go out there and do it. We are talking at the moment, and that’s sort of where I’m going to leave it.”
Gordon eschewed offseason work earlier this year, choosing to work out by himself. He reported to minicamp this week but wouldn’t dismiss the possibility he could hold out of training camp or even further into 2019 when a deal isn’t struck.
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“I don’t know, man,” Gordon explained. “I am just trying not to discuss it. It is going to happen, if it’s going to happen. When it does, I’m pretty sure you guys will understand.”
The 26-year-old former first-round choice is slated to earn $5.6 million at the final year of his rookie contract.
Gordon proved his worth to the Chargers after finishing the 2018 campaign obviously hindered by knee issues. L.A. was not the exact same bruising offense without the running back in full capacity. Conversely, injuries at such a grinding position are typical, which might lead the Chargers brass to balk at paying for a back major dinero. They need only look for their city-mates, the Rams, and Todd Gurley’s position to potentially acquire cold feet about paying back a running.
“It is a problem with everyone else,” Gordon said. “However, I know my worth. I understand what I bring to this team, and I’m sticking with this. Todd’s paid, therefore Todd do not care what anyone says right now — him or David Johnson — they could say what they want to say. They signed the dotted line.
“But sadly I have not yet, so I’ve got to take the heat for some of the stuff they’re going through. But I’m not them, and like I said, I understand my value”
There is not any question the Chargers value Gordon’s play. The question is whether the sides may agree to fair compensation that appeases both parties prior to the beginning of the season.

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