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The Atlanta Braves seemed like a team who lead the NL East last night, although the Marlins appeared like a base team. That right, because the Braves are with a list of 72-52. The Nationals are trying to keep up, but are still in a six-game gap behind the Braves.
Its going to be a rough road to catch the Nationals, although locating a wildcard is more manageable. If the Wild Card Game has been today, the Nationals will be hosting the Cubs. Their bullpen was dreadful before in the summer, but theyve been able to stabilize, the Nats are seeing results.
Its all about the bullpens in the postseason and whether the Nationals have the horses to compete on a big stage is up for debate. Any bullpen has the capacity. The Indians have the very best bullpen in the Universe, but Ive seen them, including last night, have problems. Atlanta are a bit before the bell curve in the majors, as theyre 13th in the majors with the ERA of 4.41. The Marlins are near the trunk with a 5.13 ERA out of the bullpen.
Like I mentioned , the Marlins are at the back of the NL East. Along with being at the back of the NL East, the Marlins are in the National League. Theyre before the American Leagues Tigers and Orioles , though. That is not really a win, as they will not have the No. 1 overall selection in the draft to display to this awful year.
Caleb Smith will Find the telephone for the Marlins on Wednesday night. Smith has achieved a strong enough job because a pitcher to a poor team in 2019. Julio Teheran, whos coming from a spotty performance, is anticipated to be in for the Braves. Head below for our complimentary Marlins vs. Braves choice.
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Julio Teheran can be a pitcher that is excellent that is streaky, but could hit chilly spells to hit him hard. The Braves are hoping that Teheran understands all of the bad things out of his system until the postseason gets . He could be accountability or a significant contributor for the Braves. More frequently than not that the Braves can rely on Teheran pitching a game that is strong. This was not the case in his latest look, as the Mets jumped all over him for 6 earned runs in 1.1 innings of work. Teheran afforded without even getting to 2 innings of work, 8 hits and 3 walks.
That hasnt been indicative of his effort this year. He is great for a lousy outing like this there and here, however, tends to demonstrate a good ability to react. Prior to that revealing eight games with 3 or less runs enabled. In seven of eight, Teheran allowed 2 or runs, so when hes in a groove he has needed to throw off. This was after a shellacking from the Cubs, in which he sacrificed 7 runs at Wrigley. Expect Teheran to do something similar.
Even the Marlins are 29th using 3.68 runs per game. Detroit have taken to output, but both are dreadful. Miami are currently hitting .225 in 253 at-bats against Teheran. The Braves have hammered Caleb Smith for a .325 average and 6 home runs in 77 at-bats. As he has at home in 2019, caleb hasnt been good on the street. He possesses a 3.95 ERA Rather than a 3.32 ERA at home in Miami. Search for a bounce as he paces the Braves back trip out of Teheran on Wednesday.

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