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Argentina trainer Mario Ledesma signaled he would like to remain in control of the team as he revealed on a disappointing World Cup campaign.
The Pumas failed to make it out dropping out to France and England in Pool C, but ended their championship in Kumagaya on Wednesday.
The qualification of Argentina was ensured by the result but was little consolation.
Asked about his potential, Ledesma said:Many critics that I confronted but it is really important to have a fantastic perspective in our future.
We have just played our game we needed a red card at the England game, therefore we have to appear back on a lot of things. We cant just anticipate in one way.
As trainer I work on strategies and ability, control participant emotions and have cohesion from the group and bring in different forces from external as well.
We must check out each phase, so we need to head out of our nation and play many matches to improve and to view other sports to learn from them.
Ledesma insisted eligibility for the tournaments next edition had not been a motivation.
Motivation comes from within us, he explained. Weve worked hard for the previous week and ready in the past week.
You will find young players there may be some players not from another World Cup, so its their last match and theyre not concerned about eligibility to the World Cup in France.
US coach Gary Gold believes his side have improved over the course of the competition.
I am just disappointed in the results but really proud of this effort in the men, he explained. I think even the biggest cynic could determine how hard the men tried and how hard they worked.
We had an unbelievable opportunity to take advantage of the scoreboard and we did not, unfortunately, dent at that moment in time. That is how rugby functions. It is a game of momentum.
I feel that will include the longer time we spend together and the longer we perform together. I do believe weve improved game on sport

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