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Hunting Legends


If you haven’t shot with a Custom Hart Rifle yet, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Hart Rifle’s are surely some of the best and most accurate rifle’s you will ever own. The Hart family are fourth generation rifle builders, and these guy’s really know their stuff.

They hunt with us every year in Africa and have taken some of the most spectacular shots at very long distances. In September 2008, Bobby Hart them joined us on a Hunting Safari in Namibia, and the Hart Guns were put to the test in the great Kalahari.

Long distance shots of more than 700 yards at Springbuck were easily taken with no misses. The impresssive thing about this, was that we found the animals remained grazing (except of course for the target) after the shots. They simply did not know where the shot came from, and due to all Hart rifle’s being fitted with muzzle breaks, the shot and sound doesn’t carry.

As Bobby says – using a Hart rifle:  “They can run, but they will just die tired”


Check out the next video, and you will see what type of shooting we are talking about. The following video is the type of shots these guy’s do:


Most propably the most well known calibre in the HART stable is their 30 Hart (300). Bobby Hart has personally hunted with us several times in Africa, and always brought his trusted 30 Hart along. This rifle has simply out-shot any other rifle in both accuracy and long distance, time and time again.

The Hart family however makes a wide range of rifles and it is best if you contact us or Bobby them for some advice and to choose the gun best suited for your needs.

Should you need more information on the Hart Rifles, you have the following options:

  • If you are from the USA you can contact the Harts by clicking on the picture below, which will direct you to their website. Here you will find all their contact information and you can call and speak to Bobby Hart, the company President himself.The Hart family are down to earth people and very helpfull. They go out of their way to serve there customers and you can rest assure that you will get world class service. or click on the image below!

Hart web

  • If you are from Africa, and interested in the Hart Rifles, you can contact Real Africa Safaris – The Official Hart Rifle Agents for Africa:

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