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Perhaps one of the most common mistakes made by trophy hunters, is not taking their wives and children with them on safari?

What an experience to see a family or husband and wife team, enjoy themselves on safari and experience the thrill of seeing a “lady hunter” kick some dirt into the mens faces!

This certainly was the case when Budd and Laurie Florkiewicz from Scottsdale Arizona, joined us on safari this year. Not only are these two seasoned hunters, but also truly remarkable people and a true inspiration to all of us who accompanied them.

Her nickname – “Kudu Girl” was soon understood when Laurie Florkiewicz donned her hunting gear, took up her 300 Win Mag Blazer and said – “all right boys, lets hunt”!

No rooky to hunting and being her 6th trip to Africa, Laurie soon established herself as a true marksman and huntress of note.

Laurie Kudu

Laurie with yet another Kudu for her prized collection

This was Budd Florkiewicz’ 20th trip to Africa and this time around he wanted Laurie to do most of the shooting. Well, it didn’t take much effort to get Laurie shooting, that’s for sure. This lady was on a mission and she soon had all of us men, dead quiet in mutual respect for her shooting ability.

ONE SHOT – ONE KILL was the slogan every single day hunting with Laurie and the pressure was certainly mounting on Budd, because this beautiful lady can shoot!

In Budd’s own words … “I think, I may have created a monster here and trained her too well”

Our Professional Hunters were enjoying themselves joking on the trucks each day with no evident hard work ahead of them, as every shot taken by Laurie dropped her quarry in its tracks, time and again. No tracking skills required with this lady!

Laurie Blackwildebeest

A huge Black Wildebeest taken by Laurie

When Budd and Laurie booked this trip with us, we soon came to realize that this amazing couple knew what they wanted and have been to most parts of the world, hunting, fishing and enjoying their passion for the great outdoors.

Budd was looking for some specific trophies to finish his SCI Trophy Quest, like Puku, Lechwe and perhaps another impressive old Lion for their exquisite and elaborate trophy collection back home. Laurie was looking for more KUDU (what else?), Zebra and some nice plains game for her growing collection.

Take your family hunting …

Budd and Laurie Florkiewicz aren’t just two lovely people or just another hunting couple. These are the real deal family people and the first thing that stood out to us, was that these two people truly love and enjoy each others company. They love being and hunting together, no matter where they found themselves. And no matter what we threw at Laurie, she gracefully stood up to every challenge, took every possible shot and lived up to her name – Kudu Girl. (Perhaps one would better describe Laure now as the ONE SHOT KUDU GIRL, because she is truly a remarkable shot).

We took several valuable life lessons away from these two people and want to thank them for that and share this with you:

  • Do everything you do with passion and grace.
  • Don’t leave the family at home, make your wife or children your new hunting buddy!
  • Love your sport, love your fellow human beings and love nature with your whole heart.
  • Do good unto others and they will do good unto you. No matter who or what they are, or how much money they have or don’t have.

And …


This last line became the core joke on safari as Laurie reprimanded me daily for using to much salt! It’s bad for you Phillip, don’t use that much salt! You will loose another 20 pounds if you just stop using salt …

This lady is not only a passionate hunter, but also passionate about living healthy and she had her eyes fixed squarely on my every meal!

No salt Phillip, was the chorus sang by all during evening dinners and I was soon picked on by everyone, thanks to Laurie.

Every time we sat down for a meal, I was”in-salted” (joke).

Well Laurie, I still heed your advice, believe it or not and I have cut back on salt. Its working and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healthy advice, great fun and experience with you and Budd on safari.

It is truly a privilege to count you as our friends.

Phillip, Cornè, Ronnie & Team

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Budd Puku

A huge Puku taken by Budd in Zambia

Some more photos …

Budd Lion

Magnificent old Lion taken by Budd Florkiewicz

Laurie Zebra

Laurie with a truly beautiful male Zebra

Budd Lechwe

Budd with a very good Lechwe

Laurie Blesbuck

Laurie with her excellent Blesbuck taken at 240 yards.