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Hunting in Zimbabwe Prices



Contrary to popular belief and the bad publicity Zimbabwe has been getting, there are some very exciting hunting opportunities in this amazing country. The main thing however, is that you choose the right company to do this with!

Zimbabwe still offers you some of the most exciting hunts in Africa and in the hands of a good company and outfitter, you still wont beat this experience. Some of the best Ivory is still taken in Zimbabwe and we are proud to say that our concession areas in this country still produce some of the best Elephant, Leopard and Cape Buffalo trophies.

DONALD TRUMP Jnr with his BUFFALO BULL (taken in Matetsi – Zimbabwe)

Don Trump(2)

Zimbabwe is also one of the few countries in Africa with open Leopard tags for the 2011 season. Leopard tags have been closed in Namibia for 2011, which restricts any Leopard hunting to South Africa and Zimbabwe in the Southern Africa region. Only a few tags are available in South Africa and Botswana, however we still have a number of Leopard tags available in Zimbabwe for the coming season.

As we primarily hunt the following species in Zimbabwe and it is all dependent on availability of TAGS (permits), we will

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appreciate it if you contact us and we will structure and put together a hunt of a life time for you:

  • Elephant
  • Lion (very few tags)
  • Leopard
  • Cape Buffalo (best in the world)
  • Sable
  • Crocodile
  • Hippo
  • Plains animals

Please email us your request:




For more comprehensive information on our concessions and areas available, please email us and we will gladly provide you with more information.