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Hunting the Big 5 in Africa

Hunting Legends

Hunting the Big 5 in Africa with HUNTING LEGENDS is an adventure like none other.


We have excellent Big 5 hunting concessions in South Africa, Namibia – Caprivi region, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique.


  • Due to legislation and governing laws, Hunting Legends has invested and partnered with registered local citizens in these countries thereby helping them with business while also keeping our direct overheads and expenses down. We thus offer you a variety of options and hunting destinations to choose from when you want to hunt the Big 5 in Africa, and will tailor make the hunt to best suit your needs and expectations.
  • Please send us your Big 5 Hunt enquiry and allow us the opportunity to present you with more detail, regardless of which country you may be interested in hunting.
  • Our facilities in all our concessions are world class and trophy qualities excellent. We go to a lot of effort when securing our concessions and pay attention to every detail so as to secure the best Africa has to offer you. No matter what your needs are, we will oblige by offering you only the best!
  • Due to price differences in the various countries it is not always easy to give a standard price list applicable for all countries. The prices which follows is a general guideline. You are however requested to check these with us when booking or requesting your FREE QUOTE:

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Huge Ivory Concession Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique

African Elephant (Ioxodonta africana)

  • Hunting Legends is proud to announce that we have secured excellent hunting concessions for Elephant, Buffalo, Sable and other species in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique
  • Contrary to popular believe, we offer the decerning hunter a fantastic and safe hunting trips to these countries. The concessions in mention has one of the best trophy records in Africa, sporting ivory weights of an average of 76 lbs for 2007 and 70.5 lbs for the last 2008 season.
  • This is an fantastic opportunity of you are looking for the BIG DEAL IVORY TUSKERS, magnificent Buffalo (40 inches and up) and Sable in excess of 42 inches!
  • We take care of absolutely everything for your trip, including shipping and dipping of your trophies. To enquire about our BIG IVORY HUNTS, please send us your request and allow us the opportunity to provide you with a special customized quote.
  • It’s much more affordable than you think and by far the cheapest in Africa when it comes to this size ivory and trophies!
  • There are only a limited amount of trophies taken from this area annually, so don’t delay – get your quote today!
  • An Elephant bull which sports heavy ivory in excess of 80 to 100 pounds is considered by many, as the most ultimate African Elephant trophy and many hunters have dreamt of the day they can relive one of Africa’s oldest hunting traditions. Elephants despite there size are one of the most worthy and arduous challenges that one could ask for that are still available in Africa today. There are not many 100 plus pounder Elephants available today.
  • CITES African Elephants are listed Appendix 1 or 11. Trophies hunted in South Africa, Tanzania and Cameroon requires a Cities export as well as a US Fish & Wildlife import permit. The recent down-listing of the South African population to Appendix 11 may eliminate the US permit. For more information check with US Fish & Wildlife at their Web site (

The following prices are guidelines, however it is always recommended to first check with one of our offices and see what specials we have on offer and also any late or cancelled hunt deals.

  • Elephant (30lbs tusks) $ 22000 – $ 26000
  • Elephant (50lbs tusks) $ 42000 – $ 48000
  • Elephant (65 – 80lbs tusks) $ 60 000 – $ 70 000
  • Elephant (100lbs) POR
  • Elephant License Fee: $ 1500


Lion (Pantera leo)

  • Few hunters can ever forget the intent gaze of yellow eyes fixated on you when hunting Lion in the African bush, the earth shattering roar when beast is about to charge, will have many hunters still relishing in adrenalin for many years to come. One of Africa’s most recognizable and famous Beasts which have become synonymies with Hollywood movies. And the MGM Lion. We have 2 options of hunting Lion in South Africa,
  • Option 1 being free roaming Lion in and alongside the National parks, where they often leave the National parks, provided a permit can be obtained. These are 21 day hunts.
  • Option 2 is to hunt Lions that roam in fenced areas in excess of 30,000 acres, approved by Nature conservation to ensure ethical practices, and that the hunt is completely fair chase and legal. These are 7 day hunts.
  • CITES All Lion are listed under Appendix 11 which requires export permits from the country of origin.
  • Lions: $ 18000 – $ 45000
  • Lions License Fee: $ 1000


White Rhino (Ceratotherium simum)

  • Once on the verge of extinction, the white rhino now flourishes in reserves and on game ranches throughout South Africa. Seemingly the most placid of the Big 5 to hunt, these rhino are known more for their belligerence than for their ferocity. But beware when given the opportunity they have been known to charge. Currently there is a considerable urge amongst conservation minded hunters and ranchers to promote Green hunts, darting which is less costly and is accepted by SCI Record Book entries.
  • The animal is pursued on foot and a dart gun requires very close range shots approximately 30 yards which is a very exciting means of hunting. The animal is then photographed and measured and then checked by a Vetinary surgeon and revived with an antidote within 10 minutes.
  • CITES The Southern White Rhino is allowed to be hunted as a trophy in South Africa, importation of these trophies is allowed into USA and Europe. Trophies hunted in South Africa only require a CITES export permit.
  • White Rhino – Trophy Hunting: $ 55 000 – $ 150 000
  • White Rhino – Green Hunt: $ 8000
  • White Rhino License Fee: $ 1000
  • Black Rhino – Trophy Hunting: $ 250 000 – $ 350 000
  • Black Rhino – Green Hunt: $ 20 000
  • Black Rhino License Fee: $ 1000




African Buffalo (cyncerus caffer)

 DONALD TRUMP Junior and his big Cape Buffalo shot with us in Matetsi Zimbabwe. Close to Victoria Falls in August 2010

  • Cape Buffalo are herd concentrated animals. They tend to graze extensively at night and in the cooler parts of the day, seeking shaded cover as it gets hotter, as close as possible to water. No other African Big 5 game animal is held in higher esteem as one of the most worthy hunting adversaries than the African Buffalo.
  • The Cape Buffalo certainly has the most notorius reputation of all big game in Africa. They are born aggresive and have that look that can kill! If you are up to the challenge, then hunting “Africa’s black death” is sure to give you the adventure of a life time.
  • CITES Although Cape Buffalo are not considered as an endangered species, some countries do have them listed as protected game. (Non CITES)
  • Buffalo Trophy: $ 15500 – $ 18500
  • Buffalo License Fee: $ 1000


African Leopard (Panthera Pardus)

  • Leopard are usually solitary, elusive and dangerous, these are the thoughts that every hunter should have when hunting for Leopard. This animal is pound for pound the most dangerous animal in the world, especially when wounded.
  • They are extremely shy animals with excellent senses and camouflage. Known by the african people as the 4 x 4 of the bush as it goes wherever it wants. Males are much larger bodied with broader heads than the female.
  • CITES Leopard are listed on Appendix 1 and require a US fish & wildlife permit over and above the CITES permit. Visit (
  • Leopard Trophy: $ 18 000 to $24000
  • Leopard Pre Baiting: $ 2500
  • Leopard License Fee: $ 1000


Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibious)

  • The Hippo is responsible for more human deaths each year than any other animal in Africa. They are extremely territorial and will attack boats and canoes as well as people in their path. A fully grown Hippo bull can weigh in at 2 tonnes and moves at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour. During an average night of feeding they consume up to 100 kilograms of grass.
  • Hippo Trophy: $ 7500 – $ 12500
  • Hippo License Fee: $ 1000


GIANT CROCODILES Price on request

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