Bow Hunting in Africa

 World Class Bow Hunting Facilities and Concessions

HUNTING LEGENDS in AFRICA has some of the best bow hunting facilities in Africa. One of our hunting concessions in the north of South Africa, bordering the world heritage area of the BOTSWANA TULI BLOCK, is known as the Valley of the Kings. This private nature reserve belongs to a “Royal Family of the Middle East and it is seldom that you and I are offered the opportuntity to hunt on royal hunting grounds. The reserve boasts some of the best facilities in Africa and has a 10 000 acre bow hunting concession bordering the Limpopo river. An ideal and splendid bow hunting facility with large volumes of animals. Nothing will beat your bow hunting experience than this, and you are guaranteed an excellent safari.

Vinny Beranco took this huge Lion with a 70lbs Matthews Bow in 2009

Or, you can contact us for more information and tell us what your interests are and we will tailor make a hunt to best suit you. We have excellent bow hunting facilities in South Africa and Namibia, which will give you that special experience a true bow hunter is looking for.

Steve Demerac and his Lion hunted by bow in 2009

Bowhunting has a long tradition in Africa and in Southern Africa. Many tribes in Africa has made use of the bow and arrow, of which the San Bushmen and the pygmies of central Africa, both using poison arrows, are probably the best known.

In Southern Africa, the San and the Ovambo have until recently hunted with bow and arrow and there are probably a few of these people who still do so. The Ovambo does not use poison arrows, though. They make short, but strong bows consisting of sapwood and heartwood.

We believe interest in the bow and arrow is ingrained in our genes. Well, at least in most males. Most boys sooner or later make a bow from a stick and a string and arrows from reeds or some other available material. Put a bow in a boy’s hand and see the excitement. Show a grown man a well-made bow and most of the time you get the same reaction. Women have been hunters and archers for ages as well, and many find archery just as exciting as men do. Show a man a compound and he will be impressed. Show a man a beautiful wooden bow and he will exclaim:

“Now that is a real bow!”

The wooden bow brings up visions of Robin Hood, American Indians or some romantic era in the past. The compound bow brings up a vision of Sylvester Stalone in a Rambo movie.

Most traditionalists are bow and arrow lovers. Their first interest is archery and the bow they hold in their hands. Most are interested in the history of archery and the romance that goes with shooting their stick, be it a longbow, a recurve or a primitive bow. Many of these traditionalists are also hunters, but I suspect hunting fulfils a secondary role.

On the other hand, we suspect that most compound bowhunters are hunters first and that the bow and arrow is a more challenging way of hunting for them. It may also be that they prefer the silence of the bow to the noise of rifle hunting or they may like the look and the feel of the weapon. Whatever their reason, we suspect most compound hunters are interested in the bow and arrow as a hunting instrument, and not in the bow and arrow per se. The history and tradition of the bow and arrow and archery are of little interest to them. They are not to be criticised for it. And their choice is not a wrong choice, neither a less commendable one. It is just a choice, and they should be respected for it.

Joe Buyers took this 40″ Gemsbuck with his bow in 2009

A traditional archer takes up the challenge to acquire a skill that takes many hours of practise. He chooses to shoot and hunt in a way his ancestors have hunted for many thousands of years. When he takes up his bow he relives the past. He chooses a road less travelled. Many people may not understand why someone would want to do something the hard way, when there is an easier choice. Why run when you can ride? Why does someone run a marathon or scale a vertical rock wall? Why sleep in a tent in the bushes when you can sleep in your house? These questions have no answers. The answers would not make sense, and neither does it to ask them. Only a traditional archer will understand why another chooses to shoot his longbow or recurve.

The HUNTING LEGEND team has hosted many bow hunters over the years and we have excellent hunting opportunities for bow hunters in South Africa and Namibia. Our lhunting concession La Rcohelle in the north of Namibia is also well suited for bow hunters. The ranch is more than 30 000 acres with a huge variety of species and excellent hides at the waterholes. WHen hunting with  the HUNTING LEGENDS we tailor each hunt to suit the expectations of our hunter, and you will get the best value for your money AND your needs!

We respect bow hunting and acknowledge that bow hunting has different parameters alltogether than rifle hunting, hence we go out of our way to make the hunting experience for our bow hunters memorable and exciting. Namibia is home to the ‘bushmen’ and as such, bow hunting is very much a part of  the history and culture in our communities and amongst our staff. The bow hunting experience you will experience with us in either South Africa or Namibia is one you will never forget! Our trackers are acknowledged as the best in the world and the experience you will get is simply exhilirating!

If you haven’t yet hunted in Namibia, then perhaps this should be your first choice, not thereby implying that there is anything wrong with our ranches in South Africa. To the contrary, our hunting concessions and ranches in South Africa are ‘world class’ and we can assure you of an excellent hunting experience. Namibia however, is still an undiscovered hunters paradise for many hunters and offers you amazing hunting opportunities.

No matter what your choice is, Hunting Legends will give you a hunting safari like none other. Contact us today for more information and your FREE QUOTE!