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G2 Esports’ League of Legends coach Fabian’GrabbZ’ Lohamann revealed G2 was able to beat Fnatic at LEC Fabian under the guidance of ruler Luka’Perkz’ Perkovic.
G2 were crowned LEC Summer Split champions once they defeated Fnatic 3-2 in a five-game thriller. Things didn’t look good for them if they were 2-1 down but protected a critical triumph in Athens and they were able to turn things around.
GrabbZ has revealed Perkz stepped up in critical moments to guide his team to victory.
He said:”I have to praise Perkz. He’s got a mind of steel and he’s a complete monster when it comes to a 2-1 situation. You know for sure he’d function in that sort of game.
“He is the sort of man that his team will hold onto and you’ll be able to trust him to direct you to success. He was the voice in game five – that he said before the series that if he got his hands it’d be a free win. So in the fifth game, make him and we made a decision to provide Syndra to him the focal point.
“All credit to him according to usual, moving up from SKT, RNG and Fnatic twice, you know being 1-2 down actually is that his comfort zone.”
G2 Marcin’Jankos’ Jankowski picked . About using a relationship that is temperamental with Jankos grabbZ, who jokes, could not help but admit the jungler has had a fantastic season.
He explained:”Jankos would be my MVP of this season too. We’ve got this banter going on where we pretend not to like each other. Each and every day he gets on my nerves after I visit him, and I just want to leave and go home. However, he is very good at League of also a excellent teammate and Legends. He fully deserves his MVP title”
He’s still part of the broadcast though GrabbZ isn’t part of their group when his side are playing in the LEC. The trainer has turned into a tiny meme along with his water-bottle throws.
He explained:”I really do it now for your memes. Yes, when we go from playing to trolling I become frustrated, incredibly but it’s also a combination with knowing that I’m not only a coach, I’m also an entertainer. So it’s always a best idea to give the viewers a reason to see you. That is what G2 are about, we’re not only athletes or just a League of Legends team.
The national and international dominance of g2 this year means they have become one of the favourites. GrabbZ, who is aware of the expectations,” considers they do have a good probability of winning the tournament.
He said:”Being favourites is always iffy because we have not beaten teams like IG yet or faced some of the different areas.
“We think we’ve got a good chance but we don’t view ourselves as the assured winners. If we prepare well and play our game, we have a good chance at winning. I believe I’d be disappointed when we do not achieve the final although it depends on the conditions.”
G2 qualified as the very first seed of Europe for Worlds meaning they’ve advanced right to the team stages – starting October 12.

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