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Flying Costs

Depending on your arrival needs, we are able to fly you anywhere in South Africa at affordable rates. We have the service of some top travel agents at our disposal, so if it is a chartered flight you are looking for or a local flight via any of our local airlines, we are able to find you the best prices possible.Make sure to check with Corne at our offices too, so that we can ensure you find the best possible deal!

It’s cheaper than most people think to hunt in Africa, and there are almost always – cheap flight’s to be found, PROVIDING YOU BOOK IN TIME!

Check on airfare prices by using one of the following options:

Contact Corne at our “customer service department” who will more than likely find you the cheapest quote on the market. We have a special programme for finding dirt cheap airfares. You can either contact Corne by sending her an email, phoning her, or just fill in this “quick form” and Corne will contact you with your quote as soon as possible.

In the mean time you can also use the “Yahoo Travel” search engine below, for finding general prices and let’s see who can find you the best possible prices.

Corne Loots (Customer Service Department)
Mobile: (0027) 81 022 3661

You can also contact George Hinton at our offices in the USA for fast and convenient service as there is no time delay if you are in the USA. Our offices in the USA are based in the Pocono Mountains – in Pennsylvania.

George Hinton (USA)
Mobile: 1- 610 – 703 8182
Office: 1 – 610 – 863 8182

630 Washington Street
Wind Gap