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It seems like oddsmakers never sleeping. Not through the season.
That is why before the New England Patriots had wrapped up their drubbing of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, the very top NJ sports gambling apps had released most of the chances for the Week two record of 16 NFL games.
Week 1 had just two Monday Night Football matches to play but anyone 21 and older and inside New Jersey could start gambling on the Week two spreads.
In fact, below is a look at the opening Week 2 point spread lines posted at the best three NJ online sports betting sites on Sunday.
Including William Hill NJ, FanDuel Sportsbook, also Draftkings Sportsbook. (Updated on Sept. 9)
The Philadelphia Eagles failed to pay a spread which had bloated to as much as 10 points before kickoff from the Washington Redskins.
But the game was won by the Eagles.
A slow Morning 1 start induced the Eagles to return down 20-7 at the half.
The Eagles will visit Atlanta to take on a Falcons team which lost 28-12 in Week 1 into the Minnesota Vikings. The Falcons turned the ball over three days leading to three touchdowns that were Vikings.
In addition, this game is in Atlanta, which could explain why Philadelphia is preferred by just a point here. This is only one of those 2 spreads you may expect to move before game time.
Therefore, if you like the Eagles, then we know you do, get in quickly.
Following the New York Jets blew a 16-0 lead to lose to the Buffalo Bills 17-16, it’s the New York Giants twist to take on the Western New York team.
The Dallas Cowboys torched the Giants with a score of 35-17 in Week 1. Because of this, this week’s all-New York matchup looks like a tale of two teams headed in various directions.
The Adventures open as 2.5-point favorites regardless of the fact that the game is in New Jersey. But it looks like betting on the Giants won’t attract much but disappointment this year.
Even a comeback in Week 1 looks like the beginning for QB Josh Allen. Plus, this can be a Bills team gaining tons of respect.
The Jets had the Bills down left in the third quarter, like we mentioned above. The Jets found a way. Despite the new season, this looks like the exact old fashioned team.
The Jets will open as part two home underdogs. This despite enjoying a Cleveland Browns team that has been dismantled in the second half against the Tennessee Titans.
Substantial couldn’t back up it. Three selections that were second-half threw on how into a 30-point loss to the Titans.
Both groups will look to start lights at Week 2 with the Monday Night Football over. However, the Browns possess the gifted roster.
In addition, the Jets have shown they still find ways to lose than win. That means Cleveland giving away a stage or less may not be a road preferred.
If you are going to wager on the Week 2 games or some NFL activity this season, be certain to pay attention.
The lines are the opening odds. Matters like injury and weather reports can induce them to change ahead of the game.
Plus cash bet on the other or a single side could force sportsbooks to adjust the line. They do this decrease exposure and to draw in more action to the side.
If these artificial line movements can be found by you, you may be able to make the most. Points can be taken by you, or give away fewer, more than what is truly justified. Should you think movement in the week will work against you, or you can lock in the opening line.
Additionally, it is worth noting??that early in the season makes it a good time to wade in the NFL futures market.
The chances on them go down, as groups prove themselves to be contenders. That means the cost on most real Super Bowl contenders is better today than it will ever be.
The defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots are an ideal illustration.
The champs spent most of the preseason all to acquire it all at FanDuel Sportsbook. This looks like a dream price today. The Patriots were observed on Sunday following a 30-point win over the Steelers at +500.
In his more 10 years covering legal online gaming the US poker, along with casino industries that were land-based, Martin Derbyshire has worn the hats of both award-winning journalist and video and movie producer. He’s photographed countless miles.

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