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The FA has been accused of never taking racism after fining Huddersfield than Millwall for their lovers’ chanting.
Though there’s a disparity between the 50,000 handed into the Terriers and the #10,000 to the Lions – that was emphasized by gambling company Paddy Power and others – this doesn’t paint the full image of Millwall’s punishment and how much they have to pay.
As well as the fine, attempt to fix their racism difficulties and the FA invented an action plan with Millwall to tackle, which included measures like CCTV and stewarding.

The plan – which was to battle current difficulties and second to instruct fans – would cost a sizeable amount of cash take their own entire charge over that of Huddersfield, and to implement.
The FA is known to believe this innovative strategy to be a more effective means of helping end racism issues at nightclubs, rather than simply giving them a fine.
The body believes it highlights how seriously they take the racism issue, rather than lightly.
The size of Huddersfield’s nice was in part as they were cautioned by the FA before taking to the field in their contentious kit, that was emblazoned with a oversized Paddy Power 45, which they would be.
The Yorkshire club have since accepted and apologised to the FA, issuing a statement that read:”Huddersfield Town takes the findings from this FA inside this investigation, and chose not to appeal the sanction.
“We accept that our actions have been in breach of regulations and we apologised for this mistake. We won’t comment on this issue further as we move forward.
“We would worry any remarks on this sanction created by third parties do not reflect the views of Huddersfield Town.”

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