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Comcast insects BYO modem user with web browser pop-ups suggesting an update

Comcast’s heart appears to be when you look at the place that is right nevertheless the execution is irksome.

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Comcast’s online sites has a negative practice of interrupting your online browsing with invasive pop-up windows. We’ve already seen the company ads that are injecting general general general public Wi-Fi hotspots, in addition to notices about possible copyright violations. Now it seems some Comcast members whom purchase their networking that is own equipment seeing pop-ups asking them to update their cable modems.

One Comcast client, who went because of the pseudonym BB, sent the offending pop-up to Consumerist. “Our documents suggest that the cable modem, that you simply presently utilize. might not be in a position to get the complete advantages of your Xfinity Web solution,” the pop-up reads.

BB told the customer advocacy web site that the pop-ups started after numerous letters and telephone calls BB that is also encouraging to his modem. The issue from BB’s viewpoint is the fact that their modem works just fine in which he hasn’t noticed any downgrading in the rate due to the older gear. BB, an application developer, doesn’t rent their modem from Comcast, but owns their gear. Many individuals elect to do that while the modems supplied for free or via rent from online sites providers (ISPs) are reduced quality.

Consumerist’s headline for the tale implies that Comcast is simply thinking about upselling brand new modems, but that doesn’t seem most most likely.

A Comcast agent told PCWorld that these pop-ups along with other notifications are to assist clients re solve protection and gratification dilemmas. Older routers which can be no security that is longer receiving and bug fixes can be a safety hazard. The Comcast representative additionally noticed that clients who lease modems through the business get the same notification procedure for updating hardware that is outdated.

That sounds reasonable sufficient, nevertheless when BB called a Comcast agent there is no reference to any technical details regarding why the modem should really be replaced. The sole message had been that BB might not be making the most of his web connection together with present modem.

The affect you in the home: This seems nearly the same as an instance of overzealousness in the element of Comcast—an infamous trait for the organization. But viewing this as being a campaign that is strategic of to earn much more cash is a stretch. First, alerting customers to equipment that is aging a reasonable strategy for almost any consumer service-based company—although the pop-ups are, as BB stated, “a action too much.” 2nd, Comcast’s notice that is pop-upn’t link to a business retail ensemble buying a fresh modem but an Amazon Associates shop. Comcast is definitely generating revenue from items purchased here, nevertheless the big champion for the reason that deal is Amazon, maybe not Comcast. And anybody who would like to cut Comcast from the deal entirely can find a modem from Comcast’s suggested directory of routers at any electronic devices store.

Can’t shut them off

The greatest offense here’sn’t the upgrade push, but which you can’t shut from the pop-ups asking you to receive an innovative new modem.

In the event that you run into this problem, you may well be in a position to stop the pop-ups by linking via a protected HTTPS link with every website that supports it. This is why it harder for an ISP to inject products into your internet browsing. The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s HTTPS Everywhere browser add-on can automate connecting via HTTPS for you personally.

Having said that, it is absolutely offensive that the pop-ups continually bug you and need a workaround in order to prevent them. But simply how frequently these pop-ups happen is uncertain. The Comcast agent we talked to said you will find a restricted quantity of pop-ups but couldn’t verify exactly exactly what the limitation had been. We aspire to hear right back on that.

Comcast additionally seems reluctant to permit clients to opt-out of those forms of notices because they could be a safety issue.

While BB as well as other Comcast customers might have no technical explanation to switch modems right now, that will improvement in the coming years. In August, Comcast unveiled intends to utilize the DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem standard which makes 1-gigabit rates feasible over current cable companies. But to benefit from those upgraded speeds you’ll need a new DOCSIS 3.1-compatible modem. This means another day at your regional electronic devices shop or Comcast’s Amazon Associates shop.

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