BIG GAME HUNTS still available

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Jim and Louise Shockey drop in at Harrisburg to say hallo. (Phillip, Cornè, Jim, Louise and George)

We still have some GREAT BIG GAME HUNTS available for the serious hunter who wants the best Africa has to offer:

  • Cape Buffalo Hunts – $16975
  • Leopard, Cape Buffalo and Crocodile combo – $ 29975
  • LION HUNTS from as little as $19975
  • Plains Game hunts from as little as only $4700 for a week and 4 x animals on “royal hunting grounds”
  • Elephant specials ranging from as little as $27000.

No matter what you’re looking for or where in Africa you would like to hunt, we have the right deal for you. Contact us today and let us provide you with a FREE QUOTE!

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Phone Phillip at: USA 484 – 357 2772 or email:

VAT – Value Added Tax and Hunting

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Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on the daily rate of a hunting safari. This is not refundable.

There is no VAT charged on the trophy fee if the trophies are to be exported under specific regulations set out by the Receiver of Revenue. Animals in a package that are not hunted or animals that are wounded and lost are subject to VAT. Currently VAT is 14%.

Please note that while the trophy fees are not subject to VAT if the trophies are to be exported, no VAT is levied on the dipping and shipping services and/or for the tanning of skins done. Should the trophies be processed in South Africa, VAT is levied at 14% on 30% of the taxidermy value, as agreed between the taxidermy industry and the Receiver of Revenue.

Legal Protection for Hunters in South Africa

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Legal Protection of the Client In 1981, the four Provincial Nature Conservation Departments (Cape, Natal, Orange Free State and Transvaal) introduced legislation to control the hunting, outfitting and professional hunting industries in South Africa.

The object of the legislation was to provide protection for the foreign hunter in South Africa by setting standards that would be obligatory before a hunting outfitter or professional hunter would be licensed to operate, and to provide for the maintenance of these standards once a license has been granted.

Training of the Professional Hunter The legal requirements to be met before a hunting outfitter or professional hunter can obtain a license are as follows:

All candidates are required to complete a comprehensive training course at a professional hunting school. These schools are private institutions and are only allowed to operate after careful screening by the nature conservation agencies. The syllabus is prescribed by the nature conservation agencies as well.

A variety of subjects which cover the full spectrum of trophy hunting are dealt with. Candidates are required to pass a written examination compiled and conducted by the nature conservation agencies.

Once the professional hunter/outfitter has obtained a certificate, he/she is licensed.

Further Requirements for the Hunting Outfitter At present the requirement to become a Hunting Outfitter comprises of the following: • Three years practical experience as a Professional Hunter • Facilities are inspected which he offers to clients • Hunting camps, trophy preparation facilities, vehicles and staff are required to conform to set standards. • Publicity material must be submitted to the Nature Conservation officials before distribution as    a safeguard against misleading advertising. • Regular follow-up inspections are carried out. Legal Agreements and Facilities Further protection is provided by the legal requirement for a written agreement: • Regard to species and sex of game offered • Fees for trophies and services provided • Duration of the hunt and daily rates. This agreement is entered into between the client and the hunter / outfitter prior to the client leaving his own country. The outfitter is legally responsible for supplying all hunting requirements once the client enters South Africa, e.g. • transport – getting to and from the hunting area, and while hunting • hunting camp accommodation, for the duration of the hunt • catering • hunting services: trackers, skinners, etc. • provision of a licensed professional hunter • skinning and trophy preparation facilities, dispatch of trophies • arrangements with landowners for hunting of game, should this be necessary • all licenses and permits required for hunting • all permits required for dispatch of trophies  Professional Hunters/Hunting Outfitters must be licensed in each province where they operate. It is important that the client checks to make sure that the operator is licensed in the province where the proposed hunt is to take place.

The introduction and enforcement of legislation in the professional hunting industry, geared primarily to protect the client from malpractice, has effectively raised standards.

The Professional Hunter’s Responsibilities The professional hunter is the person who physically guides a client in the hunting area in order to hunt an animal to obtain a trophy.

• He sees to the welfare of his client while in the hunting camp • He is in charge of the hunting camp and its personnel • He makes certain that his client is in possession of the necessary permits, licences or other documents before he allows him to hunt • He sees to it that his client’s trophies are skinned and prepared according to the correct methods • He is responsible for his client’s safety while in the camp and in the hunting area. The Professional Hunter sees to it that his client does not hunt contrary to the provisions of the law. He does not receive any remuneration from the client for services rendered. The client remunerates the hunting-outfitter for services and trophies, who in turn pays the professional hunter.

He does not recruit clients or offer his services to a client directly, he works for a hunting outfitter who recruits and presents services to the client.

The Hunting-Outfitter’s Responsibilities

The Hunting Outfitter recruits the client through advertisements or by other means. • He arranges and organizes the client’s hunt from start to finish • He enters into a written agreement with the client with regard to the animals to be hunted and the facilities and service which will be supplied and rendered • He is directly remunerated by the client for his services • He furnishes the hunting areas where the animals are hunted and also the camp with all its conveniences and services • He supplies the camp personnel and pays them • He supplies the camp with provisions and stores • He sees to it that the client is guided by qualified licenced professional hunters • He obtains the necessary permits, licences and other documents enabling his client to hunt legally • It is his responsibility to obtain the necessary permits to convey and export his client’s trophies and to see to it that the trophies are delivered in good shape and order. Although the professional hunter is actually in charge of the hunting camp and sees to the skinning and handling of the trophies, and at times provides transport on a hunting trip, it does not exempt the Hunting Outfitter from his overall responsibility to his client. In many cases the professional hunter and the Hunting Outfitter are the same person and therefore responsible for the combined duties and functions and must also be in possession of both permits to operate as professional hunter and as hunting outfitter.

Hunting in Africa

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SCI – RENO show completed:

We want to thank all our friends and people we got to meet at SCI in Reno this past week. We are looking forward to hosting you in Africa soon.

If you haven’t made your booking with us yet, please allow us the opportunity to provide you with a FREE QUOTE, and join us on a hunt you will certainly never forget.


To help you make that decision we invite you to talk to the following people who have hunted with us recently and are coming again in 2010.

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DALLAS TEXAS visit: 25 January 2010

We will be visiting the Dallas Forth Worth area for the next week, so if you would like to meet up with us and talk about hunting in Africa, or get that face to face FREE QUOTE, then please contact us

Phillip Mostert (CEO – Hunting Legends)
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If you live on the eastern seabord or close to Pennsylvania, then you most definitely would want to visit the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, starting on the 6th of February untill the 16th of Feb.

We have a double booth in the West Hall at the Harrisburg show and will also have  some fantastic exhibits on display – be sure to visit us and get your special deal and FREE QUOTE.

For more detail and arranging a private meeting, please phone George Hinton at the following number: 1 – 610 – 703 8182

2010 is promising to be an excellent year of us again and we are thankfull for all the bookings we have received – your business is important to us and we need you.

We still have a limited number of Leopard tags available for 2010, so if you are looking for that big cat, then you are best advised to get in touch with us as soon as possbile as these will be going fast.

We have a number of Buffalo and Lion tags available and invite you to contact us if you want the best big 5 experience you will ever have.

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Monster Leopard shot in Namibia – October 2008

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Is this a big leopard or what?

This magnificent leopard was shot during October 2008 in Namibia, and it launched a chain of controversy and reaction from all walks of life. As can be expected anti-hunting lobbyist are up in arms about this hunt and have raised their outrage in all the local newspapers.

It is to be expected perhaps, as this is one of the finest trophies taken recently. The question however is if this was uncalled for or not. Read the following post and share your views with us right here.

The leopard was shot on a local cattle farmers property in Namibia, due to the fact that the farmer had reached a stage of beyond sanity. This cat was responsible for more than 50 cattle kills during the last year and the farmer had suffered huge financial losses subsequently. The farmer ended up applying for the necessary permits, and invited a professional hunter to have the animal shot by an International client.

Lobbyists claimed that the leopard’s gene’s were now lost forever and are outraged by the incident, claiming that the leopard could have been removed, instead of being shot and killed. The leopard is well over ten years old, so it also has seen and done it’s fair share of mating, so all is certainly not lost.

The farmer’s plea is that he had suffered financially and by having the leopard removed instead of hunted, would not have reimbursed him for his losses. To the contrary it would have cost him more and risking a capturing attempt with this monster was certainly not his view of another day at the office. The international hunter paid his due’s and at least the farmer received some financial return for his losses.

What is your opinion, should the cat have been shot or captured and relocated?

Share your comments with us and let’s see what your views are?

Please leave us your comments by clicking on the add comment button on this page!