Hunting shows – schedules and special promotions

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Hunting Shows 2011 in the USA starts off with a bang!

The 2011 Hunting Shows schedule has started off excellent for Hunting Legends and our associates. We have just completed the Dallas Safari Club Show and want to thank everybody who visited us and booked with us.


  • Dallas Safari Club – 6 January 2011
    Hunting Legends is proud to be associated with 5 STAR EXPEDITIONS in Texas. Bob and Malorie Crowell are the owners of 5 STAR EXPEDITIONS and we want to thank everybody who visited the 5 Star Expeditions booth in Dallas.We look forward to hunting with all our 5 Star Friends and Customers and assure you of the best service and experience Africa can offer you. Please feel free to contact Bob and Malorie to finalize your safari arrangements or feel free to contact us directly.

    If you decide to contact us directly you can do so by phoning 484 – 350 1918 or email – please ensure that you mention 5 STAR EXPEDITIONS if you visited the Dallas show with them or received any of our marketing material at the Dallas Show.

    Malorie Crowell

    1-817 – 253 7369

    Bob Crowell

    1-817 – 688 0550



  • TULSA LOCAL SPORTING EXPO – 14 to 16 January 2011BOOTH NUMBER: 1413 – 1415

    Make sure to request your FREE QUOTE from us if you haven’t booked your safari yet. We always have a good deal available and even more important, we will tailor the hunt to best suit your needs.

    Thank you for your support and happy hunting.

    Phillip Mostert

    Mobile: 1-484-350 1918

    George Hinton (USA – PA)

    Mobile: 1 – 610 – 703 8182

    Office: 1 – 610 – 863 8182


  • PHOENIX ARIZONA – 16 to 18 January 2011 

    If you live in the Arizona – Phoenix area, then this is your chance to meet with us personally and secure your FREE QUOTE and SPECIAL PROMOTION face to face.We will be in this area on the dates mentioned and visiting our agents and friends – JIM AND SANDY HEBERT

    So, if you are interested in hunting Africa, then contact Jim now and let’s meet up as soon as possible. Jim Hebert is a well known and very experienced Big Game Safari Operator and has hunted Africa extensively.

    For a good deal and professional advice, please feel welcome to phone Jim today and see what we have to offer you:

    Jim and Sandy Hebert

    Big Game Safaris





  • SHOT SHOW LAS VEGAS 18 to 21 January 2011

    We will be in Las Vegas visiting the Shot Show during this time and invite you to contact us if you would like to meet up with us. Although we wont be exhibiting at the shot show, we will be visiting a number of our friends and old clients on the show.You are welcome to use this opportunity and meet with us while we will be in Vegas.

    Contact us to set this up:

    Phillip: 484 350 1918


    We will be bringing you more detail on this show in the next few days. Make sure to stay tuned as this is going to be an excellent opportunity for you to get your special deal and African hunt secured.

    BOOTH NUMBER: 330 – Brockman Rifles and Hunting Legends have teamed up for the Reno Show. See you there!


    Booth number: 5109 Wild Wild West Hall

    Hunting Legends has been attending the Harrisburg Show for several years and we have many friends on the Eastern Sea Board. We look forward to seeing you there.

Contact Phillip & Corne Mostert for more information on +1-484-350 1918

The best of all is that it’s an affordable hunting venue – with the best lodging you will find.

We will be updating this page soon, so stay tuned or contact us now for more detail. On behalf of everyone at Hunting Legends and our friends mentioned in this post we also wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR if this your first time to visit our site in 2011.

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Special deals still available

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You can pick up great deals for 2011 by contacting us today!

As is custom in the industry, there always are some late bookings or hunts and there are some outstanding deals available this time of the year. Contrary to many other outfitters, Hunting Legends is proud to say that we have had no cancellations for the 2011 season at all, however. we have still some excellent opportunities and deals available.

Have a look …

We have been able to put together some great prices and packages for hunters still wishing to come to Africa in 2011. If you are thus interested in still hunting Africa this year and would like to get a great kick for your ‘buck’ – then contact us today!

Specials available in South Africa and Namibia

Hunting Legends operates several hunting concessions throughout Africa including, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania! So, no matter what you are looking for, we are confident that we will be able to meet your needs. Contact us today and let’s put together a last minute hunt that will blow you away!


If you want to shoot a lion and get a great deal – then 2011 is the year for this! We have excellent last minute hunts available on LIONS, so make sure to contact us today and save yourself a small fortune!




Danny Littric, Toni Daninski and Tony Zifovski finished a great 10 day hunting trip to Africa with us. During this trip they shot several plains game species including, Kudu, Zebra, Impala, Warthog, Gemsbuck, Eland, Springbuck, Red Hartebeest and even a Lion!

The Lion hunt came unexpected as Danny asked if he at late notice could try and get a Lion?

Needless to say, the Hunting Legends Team jumped into action and soon had a Lion hunt arranged for Danny and his friends. The photo below says it all, as Danny took a magnificent Lion right at the end of their trip – surely the highlight of their African Safari and an excellent closure to what turned out to be a hunt of a life time for all!

Danny Littric (Lion Hunter) having a blast!

“Living his dream – Danny Littric and friends South Africa”

Capitalize on the economical climate and save big time – contact us today!

And …

To Danny, Toni and Tony!

Guys, thank you for a great hunt with us and all the laughs we had. It sure was fun and a huge privelege having you guys with us this year! We look forward to having you again and hopefully next time you will be able to bring along the family and even more friends.

Happy Hunting

The Hunting Legends Team Africa and USA

And after each hunt our clients also enjoy some more fun at some of the best recreational resorts in the world. One such fantastic resort and casino is the majestic Lost City in South Africa. In true New Jersey style, Danny and the team spent a day with us at the Lost City – a perfect conclusion to a perfect hunting trip!

We endeavour to give our clients more than they expect and have many a satisfied client (no friend) today, who can and will attest to the experiences they have had with the Hunting Legends Group. Don’t miss out on all the specials and promotional hunts we have on offer now. Contact us today and let’s put together a safari for you which will change the way you have ever looked at hunting and especially Africa! Here are some of the latest pictures of Danny Littric and company whom have just shared such and adventure with us – enjoy!


Danny, Tony and Toni at the Lost City Palace on their last day

It really is an awesome place, and if this is called roughing it in Africa ladies, then you better come along next time ….

The dining area and lounge at the Lost City Palace in South Africa

Phillip and Danny at Shawu (Elephant statue) .. One of Africa’s legendary giants!

BOOK YOUR MAGNIFICENT HUNT TO AFRICA TODAY! Contact us for your special deal and save!

VAT – Value Added Tax and Hunting

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Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on the daily rate of a hunting safari. This is not refundable.

There is no VAT charged on the trophy fee if the trophies are to be exported under specific regulations set out by the Receiver of Revenue. Animals in a package that are not hunted or animals that are wounded and lost are subject to VAT. Currently VAT is 14%.

Please note that while the trophy fees are not subject to VAT if the trophies are to be exported, no VAT is levied on the dipping and shipping services and/or for the tanning of skins done. Should the trophies be processed in South Africa, VAT is levied at 14% on 30% of the taxidermy value, as agreed between the taxidermy industry and the Receiver of Revenue.

South African Airways Carriage of Firearms and Ammunition

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General hunting info


Domestic (within and from the Republic of South Africa)

Departure (Inclusive of International departures) Firearms may NOT be packed inside checked luggage and must therefore be packed in an appropriate lockable firearm container or case, separate from checked luggage.

Ammunition must be separated from weapons and may be packed within checked luggage, but must be properly secured in an ammunition case or solid box. No ammunition may be packed loosely in checked baggage or within the same case as firearms.

We strongly recommend that ammunition be packed in lockable cases, which can be handed in as loose items at the firearm counters to avoid possible delays during checked baggage screening. All firearms and ammunition must be declared to the airline check-in agent at the time of check-in.

Undeclared firearms and ammunition within checked luggage will result in such baggage being rejected during mandatory checked baggage screening, and will result in the passenger being required to open such baggage for further inspection and safe handling, or the confiscation of such items for further processing and forwarding on a subsequent flight.

Check-in agents will issue the relevant baggage tags and will then direct firearm owners to the appropriate firearm desk for inspection and processing of firearms and ammunition for secure handling to the aircraft.

During the acceptance process at the appropriate firearm desk, the following will be conducted: • The owner of the firearm will be required to produce a valid license or temporary import permit for the firearm(s) and ammunition.

The owner of the firearm(s) will be required to make and declare the firearm(s) safe and unloaded for carriage.

• Security staff will request the firearm owner to open his/her checked luggage to verify that ammunition is securely packed and that the total weight of ammunition per license holder does not exceed 5kg’s in weight. • The owner of the firearm will be required to complete a firearm register for handover to security staff, who will ensure the secure loading of such items.

• The staff at the firearm desk will send a pre-advise notification message to the receiving station, advising them of details and loading positions of firearms.

• Checked baggage containing ammunition will be affixed with a special tag, indicating that such bag was already subjected to inspection, to avoid screening authorities from delaying or confiscating such bag for further security controls.

Handguns (Pistols, revolvers, etc)

A R100 handling fee is raised for the carriage of handguns. Payment will only be accepted in the form of credit cards or cash at the firearm desk or allocated firearms acceptance area. These firearms will be processed at the firearm desk for safe carriage in the hold of the aircraft.

There will be no charge for handguns carried with hunting equipment if packed in the same case as hunting rifles.

Rifles (in gun case / rifle bags) Rifles must be processed via the firearm desk for safe carriage and may form part of your free baggage allowance. Thereafter the excess baggage allowance will be raised as applicable


A maximum of 5kg securely boxed ammunition per passenger will be permitted for carriage either as a separate piece of baggage or within checked baggage in the hold of the aircraft. Screening authorities may however delay baggage containing ammunition, if such ammunition was not declared at check-in and is therefore not marked with an appropriate tag indicating that such ammunition was already security inspected.


Upon arrival, passengers are required to proceed to the allocated firearm desk to collect firearms. Checked baggage containing ammunition may be collected at the normal airport baggage carousel. Ammunition handed in separately may be collected at the firearm desk.

International (All SAA flights departing from outside the Republic of South Africa, arriving in South Africa)

Standard legislation pertaining to the carriage of weapons and ammunition for each destination will apply. It is therefore the traveller’s responsibility to verify and ensure compliance with local laws on the possession and carriage of weapons.


Passengers should not pack any firearms within checked baggage. Firearms must be packed in suitable lockable firearm cases or bags. Where possible, declare firearms and request the airline to place a firearm identification tag on such items, as this will assist in the correct loading and delivery handling on SAA flights arriving in South Africa. Where passengers originate their journey on South African Airways, we request that you declare the firearms and any checked baggage containing ammunition to check-in staff for appropriate handling and labelling.

Ammunition may be carried within checked luggage, provided that it is securely packed in a lockable or secure container, and that the total weight does not exceed 5kg’s of ammunition per passenger carrying a firearm. (In general, most airlines allow the carriage of ammunition in terms of the dictums of ICAO Dangerous Goods Standards and associated airline processes followed in terms of IATA requirements/guidance).

DO NOT pack ammunition loosely in checked baggage.


Upon arrival in South Africa, all declared or identified firearms may be collected directly from the firearm office just after immigration. Any firearms either not declared upon departure, or not identified by an appropriate label will be delivered to the normal baggage carousal for collection. After collection of checked baggage containing ammunition, you are required to proceed to the SA Police Firearm Office, where all necessary import permits and other documentation will be finalised.

Hunting in Africa

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SCI – RENO show completed:

We want to thank all our friends and people we got to meet at SCI in Reno this past week. We are looking forward to hosting you in Africa soon.

If you haven’t made your booking with us yet, please allow us the opportunity to provide you with a FREE QUOTE, and join us on a hunt you will certainly never forget.


To help you make that decision we invite you to talk to the following people who have hunted with us recently and are coming again in 2010.

Joe Buyers (USA) Mobile no: 1 – 301 – 964 0927

Brett Hinton (USA) Mobile no: 1 – 208 – 420 2650

Bob & Malorie Crowell (USA) Mobile: 1 – 817 – 688 0550

Jim Hebert  (USA) Mobile: 1 – 810 – 252 1212

Keith Powell (USA)  Mobile: 1 – 469 – 261 5561
DALLAS TEXAS visit: 25 January 2010

We will be visiting the Dallas Forth Worth area for the next week, so if you would like to meet up with us and talk about hunting in Africa, or get that face to face FREE QUOTE, then please contact us

Phillip Mostert (CEO – Hunting Legends)
Mobile: 1 – 484 – 7 2772

Bob Crowell (CEO – 5 Star Expedtions (Booking Agents)
Mobile: 1 – 817 – 688 0550

If you live on the eastern seabord or close to Pennsylvania, then you most definitely would want to visit the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, starting on the 6th of February untill the 16th of Feb.

We have a double booth in the West Hall at the Harrisburg show and will also have  some fantastic exhibits on display – be sure to visit us and get your special deal and FREE QUOTE.

For more detail and arranging a private meeting, please phone George Hinton at the following number: 1 – 610 – 703 8182

2010 is promising to be an excellent year of us again and we are thankfull for all the bookings we have received – your business is important to us and we need you.

We still have a limited number of Leopard tags available for 2010, so if you are looking for that big cat, then you are best advised to get in touch with us as soon as possbile as these will be going fast.

We have a number of Buffalo and Lion tags available and invite you to contact us if you want the best big 5 experience you will ever have.

Phillip Mostert 1 – 484 – 357 2770