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Hunting Legends

South Africa, the Hunting Destination in Africa.

South Africa has developed into the most popular hunting destination in Africa. The critical success factors being:

  • The highly successful management by the conservation authorities in South Africa of National and Provincial Parks. With approximately 7 million hectares set aside and managed by the authorities, an enormous resource base of wild animals has been produced for distribution throughout the country.
  • The above, together with the philosophy of sustainable use of our natural resources, has seen the development of some 9000 privately owned game farms covering 17 million hectares of land.
  • The greatest variety of animals available for hunting in any one country in Africa.
  • The high degree of professionalism set by the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) and sound regulations controlling the professional hunting industry.

Hunting as a form of tourism contributes enormously to the economy of South Africa. Some 70,000 jobs have been created on game farms and directly from professional hunting. In the 2005 hunting season, 8000 clients, inclusive of non-hunters in each hunting group, hunted in South Africa, having a total of 58,341 hunting days. A total of 39,561 animals were hunted. This amounts to a total revenue from daily rates, animals hunted and taxidermy work of US$ 100 million (R650 million). (Convertion @ 6.53)

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August 27, 2013 in African Safaris, hunter, Hunting Ethics, Hunting trophies, South Africa by Hunting Legends

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Huge Record Breaking Trophies can still be hunted in Africa.


Finding good quality trophy’s in Africa is becoming more and more difficult. This is largely due to the huge amounts of outfitters and operators who have entered this market. Quite a few of these are luring naive and non-informed hunters from the east (China), whom are lured into paying ridiculous prices for example – rhino’s. In principle we most probably can’t object to the practice, since top quality trophies are not produced or bred overnight.

The fact of the matter is that many of these operators also subsequently cast a black shadow of doubt over our industry. They do this by offering these hunters access to a range of other species such as lions for example. Many of these lions are however bred in captivity, and kept in captivity till the day before the hunt. They are then released and hunted by a very satisfied hunter who is 99% of the time unaware of the preceding activities prior to the hunt.


A sore subject in hunting circles, and detested by most if not all! In essence we do not have a objection to breeders who breed such animals to be released free to roam and on large properties, providing that such breeders adhere to the ‘strict guidelines’ of Nature Conservation’s policies and procedures. It is however a fact that there are many loopholes in the current guidelines and even more difficult to police by the authorities. The simple, and possibly easiest way of distinguishing the ethical breeders from the rest, is by looking at the size of their properties or private nature reserves. The moment you find top quality trophies on very small and restricted properties, chances are good that this will most likely be a ‘canned hunt’ of sorts.

Hunting Legends in Africa and Real Africa Safaris prides itself on the fact that it has taken us many years to secure our current hunting facilities and areas. Our areas and concessions are huge with the smallest being in excess of 30000 acres, and our big concessions in excess of 1000000 acres. Our big 5 hunts are generally conducted in either Botswana, Caprivi Delta, Zimbabwe, Mozambique or the Kalahari. We do however have excellent buffalo hunts in South Africa, and leopard hunts in Namibia (which is well known for large amounts of leopard)


We still have a few huge trophies available. 2 x Rhino’s: One Rhino cow at 30′ (that’s 30 inches) and a HUGE BULL of 27.5′ (27,5 inches). That’s record book stuff! Check out the SCI scores on Rhino’s and you will see that a 27,5′ (27,5 inch) Rhino BULL, will get you right there in the BOOK!

These are guaranteed sizes, as the Rhino’s have been darted and measured!


Contact us immediately should you want to secure this magnificent trophy for yourself!





How about a magnificent “Cape Buffalo” trophy? The following “Buffalo is an old “bull” measuring 46′ (that’s 46 inches!)


You won’t get much better than this, and this is a huge beast with beautiful symmetric curls!



Perhaps a ‘Big Elephant’ is what you are looking for. We have a number of great elephants, ranging from 60 to 80 pounds.


Contact HUNTING LEGENDS today for a tailor made package. Prices available on request.


Hunting Reports on Ethics and the Hunter

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This is a website for ‘Professional Hunters’, and not ‘Opportunitist Killers’

If you are an ethical Hunter, you have come to the right place!

We are first conservationists, and then hunters!

We are professional hunters, and not opportunist killers. If you are looking for a fair-chase hunt you have come to the right place. (If you are only in it for the kill and a quick trophy on your wall, we are not the people you are looking for)

If you can spare a moment or two and are interested in ethical hunting, what this means, why we are so against ‘canned hunting’ and fly by night operators, please take the time and read the following comprehensive hunting report.

CLICK HERE: Ethical Hunting Report

We thank God everyday of our lives for the splendour and the beauty of our precious dark continent, called Africa! We are proud to be hunters, were taught to protect, to cherish, to love and to savour the beauty of God’s creation. We sow more than we harvest, invest more than we take, and develop more than there ever used to be. We use hunting as our ‘paypal’, for conserving, protecting and developing our natural resources.

“Real Hunters know this, if we don’t plow back, develop, protect and invest in, we will not have a better tomorrow”.

It will be lost to our grandchildren, the generations to follow, and all this, because of man’s greed…

Old hunting (400 x 266)

We are committed to cleaning up our industry, unveiling the scoundrels, and ridding this industry of the thieves who dare call themselves – ‘professional hunters’!


Legal protection of the Hunter in South Africa

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 Hunting Legends

Legal Protection of the Client

In 1981, the four Provincial Nature Conservation Departments (Cape, Natal, Orange Free State and Transvaal) introduced legislation to control the hunting, outfitting and professional hunting industries in South Africa.

The object of the legislation was to provide protection for the foreign hunter in South Africa by setting standards that would be obligatory before a hunting outfitter or professional hunter would be licensed to operate, and to provide for the maintenance of these standards once a license has been granted.

Training of the Professional Hunter

The legal requirements to be met before a hunting outfitter or professional hunter can obtain a license are as follows:

All candidates are required to complete a comprehensive training course at a professional hunting school. These schools are private institutions and are only allowed to operate after careful screening by the nature conservation agencies. The syllabus is prescribed by the nature conservation agencies as well.

A variety of subjects which cover the full spectrum of trophy hunting are dealt with. Candidates are required to pass a written examination compiled and conducted by the nature conservation agencies.

Once the professional hunter/outfitter has obtained a certificate, he/she is licensed.

Further Requirements for the Hunting Outfitter

  • At present the requirement to become a Hunting Outfitter comprises of the following:
  • Three years practical experience as a Professional Hunter
  • Facilities are inspected which he offers to clients
  • Hunting camps, trophy preparation facilities, vehicles and staff are required to conform to set standards.
  • Publicity material must be submitted to the Nature Conservation officials before distribution as
  •  a safeguard against misleading advertising.
  • Regular follow-up inspections are carried out.

Legal Agreements and Facilities

  • Further protection is provided by the legal requirement for a written agreement:
  • Regard to species and sex of game offered
  • Fees for trophies and services provided
  • Duration of the hunt and daily rates.

This agreement is entered into between the client and the hunter / outfitter prior to the client leaving his own country.

The outfitter is legally responsible for supplying all hunting requirements once the client enters South Africa, e.g.

  • transport – getting to and from the hunting area, and while hunting
  • hunting camp accommodation, for the duration of the hunt
  • catering
  • hunting services: trackers, skinners, etc.
  • provision of a licensed professional hunter
  • skinning and trophy preparation facilities, dispatch of trophies
  • arrangements with landowners for hunting of game, should this be necessary
  • all licenses and permits required for hunting
  • all permits required for dispatch of trophies

Professional Hunters/Hunting Outfitters must be licensed in each province where they operate. It is important that the client checks to make sure that the operator is licensed in the province where the proposed hunt is to take place.

The introduction and enforcement of legislation in the professional hunting industry, geared primarily to protect the client from malpractice, has effectively raised standards.

The Professional Hunter’s Responsibilities

The professional hunter is the person who physically guides a client in the hunting area in order to hunt an animal to obtain a trophy.

  • He sees to the welfare of his client while in the hunting camp
  • He is in charge of the hunting camp and its personnel
  • He makes certain that his client is in possession of the necessary permits, licences or other documents before he allows him to hunt
  • He sees to it that his client’s trophies are skinned and prepared according to the correct methods
  • He is responsible for his client’s safety while in the camp and in the hunting area.

The Professional Hunter sees to it that his client does not hunt contrary to the provisions of the law.

He does not receive any remuneration from the client for services rendered. The client remunerates the hunting-outfitter for services and trophies, who in turn pays the professional hunter.

He does not recruit clients or offer his services to a client directly, he works for a hunting outfitter who recruits and presents services to the client.

The Hunting-Outfitter’s Responsibilities

The Hunting Outfitter recruits the client through advertisements or by other means.

  • He arranges and organizes the client’s hunt from start to finish
  • He enters into a written agreement with the client with regard to the animals to be hunted and the facilities and service which will be supplied and rendered
  • He is directly remunerated by the client for his services
  • He furnishes the hunting areas where the animals are hunted and also the camp with all its conveniences and services
  • He supplies the camp personnel and pays them
  • He supplies the camp with provisions and stores
  • He sees to it that the client is guided by qualified licenced professional hunters
  • He obtains the necessary permits, licences and other documents enabling his client to hunt legally
  • It is his responsibility to obtain the necessary permits to convey and export his client’s trophies and to see to it that the trophies are delivered in good shape and order.

Although the professional hunter is actually in charge of the hunting camp and sees to the skinning and handling of the trophies, and at times provides transport on a hunting trip, it does not exempt the Hunting Outfitter from his overall responsibility to his client.

In many cases the professional hunter and the Hunting Outfitter are the same person and therefore responsible for the combined duties and functions and must also be in possession of both permits to operate as professional hunter and as hunting outfitter.