New Merger Announced

December 2, 2014 in African Safaris, Bow hunting, Buffalo Hunting by Phillip Mostert

New HL Logo - white2 webOver the past 8 years Bushmans Quiver has been fortunate in establishing a solid, valued relationship with some of the best, most highly-qualified individuals, and businesses in the safari industry. Our growth has been enhanced by these associations, and we have built a solid reputation for the Bushnmans Quiver brand that is well-respected on the African Continent and abroad. We are happy and excited to announce that I am joining hands with two of my friends in the safari industry, Phillip Mostert and Freddie Oosterhuis of Hunting Legends International, to form a new partnership: HUNTING LEGENDS AFRICA. This merger will combine the allied strengths of both companies allowing us to improve our service and commitment to our client base and set the stage for an even larger global footprint within the safari industry.

By combining our knowledge, skills and experience HUNTING LEGENDS AFRICA, as well as our client base will benefit from a total of 65 years of solid experience in the safari industry. I will be the Principal Outfitter and Managing Director of Hunting Legends Africa and will be personally committed to guiding this merger. I am very pleased also to announce that my professional staff from Bushmans Quiver will be making the transition with me and we will gain additional experienced field staff from Hunting Legends International. We will be effecting the completion of this merger over the next few months as we consolidate our businesses, modify our websites ( and, etc.

Some of the exciting changes I can hardly wait to share with you is a new base lodge located in Thabazimbi, Limpopo Province, South Africa. This is not that far from our former base camp in Modimolle; many of you have passed through Thabazimbi from Modimolle on your way to some of our hunting concessions. The transport time from Johannesburg International Airport is only about 30 minutes longer. More importantly, our inventory of hunting concessions, and their average size, will increase dramatically. The density and variety of both huntable and non-huntable animals is solidly improved through this merger. You will truly be amazed, as well, at the diversity of terrain appearing within these concessions.

For those of you have already booked your 2015 safari under the Bushmans Quiver name, or have initiated your safari planning with Bushmans Quiver, we will deliver the same solid safari experience and personal commitment to your expectations and satisfaction as we have always been known for. If there are any changes to your experience at all it will be the addition of the enhancements I have already cited above. When you complete your safari with us your account balance will be settled through Hunting Legends Africa ledger sheets. In the meantime, you may continue to communicate with me and established members of the Bushmans Quiver staff through the email addresses that are familiar to you.

For those of you still anticipating a quality African Safari we welcome you to our new Hunting Legends Africa family and invite you to come share the wildness, excitement, and adrenaline that hunting our expanded concessions are sure to offer you.

Please feel free to contact me (stephan @ to provide you the most up-to-date information on our merger, as well as to complete your safari planning.

Finally, I know all of you will be excited to see our expanded show list for 2015 (see below). Please come visit us at one of these popular venues. It will mean so much to us to see old friends as well as to meet new ones. I am confident that when you do, and see what we have new to offer, that you will be as excited about future hunting experiences with us as we are to offer them to you.

Stephan van der Merwe
Managing Director
Hunting Legends Africa
email: stephan @


Clements Group – African Wedding and Hunting Safari

November 4, 2013 in Bow hunting, Buffalo Hunting, Hunting Lodges, Weddings by Hunting Legends

Kevin Clements and friend Steve Johnson first met with us in the US at the SCI hunting show and made their decision to hunt with Hunting Legends. It eventually turned out to be not only a hunting safari but an African Wedding and Hunting Safari of note. Kevin and his beautiful new wife Mechelle decided to make their hunting safaris one to remember forever and joined their lives on the Valley of the Kings Thaba Motswere with a true South African wedding in the heart of the bush-veldt.

Wedding-Photography-5Kevin & Mechelle on the day of their wedding in the African bush.

Lion & Buffalo Hunting Safari – on “Honeymoon”

Before and after the wedding it was hunting for the men and the guys had loads of fun and got the animals they came for. Kevin, Steve, Chuck and Tommy, all got their Lions and Lionesses. A nice Big buffalo was on the menu as well. All animals were taken by bow.

Kevin-Lion-bow-$25000All the Lions were taken in the Kalahari, on foot and with a bow.

Bufallo-SteveAn Awesome Buffalo Hunt with Steve.

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Hunting Legends just went Hollywood

August 28, 2013 in Archive, Bow hunting, TV shows by Hunting Legends

Hunting Legends just went HOLLYWOOD with Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney from the ‘Western Extreme’ & ‘Choose your Weapons’ TV Shows on the Outdoor Channel.

Jim and Ray are in camp on an African bow- & rifle hunting excursion, shooting the next African TV show for the Outdoor Channel. We are not letting the cat out of the bag….. but we are working on a ‘top secret’ project that we are going to soon tell the world of.

Ray-Lion1Ray Bunney with his Lion taken with a bow.

Jim-Lion-with-Bow2Jim Burnworth with his Lion taken with a bow.

The guys are having fun and enjoying a time of the year with the bush green, thick and the animals looking awesome. Summer-time in Africa is a time when we have beautiful summer rains in the late afternoons and the bush glitters with freshness.

Jim and Ray just arrived back in camp, drenched. The guys feel right at home on our Valley of the Kings ranch in Thabazimbi, in the heart of the Limpopo province. They are here to shoot two shows, one for ‘Choose your Weapons’ where the weapons of choice being tested is the 45×70 double as Ray’s weapon of choice and the 338 by TEJAS long range rifle as Jim’s favorite.

The second show is ‘Western Extreme’ where a couple of different plains game like Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Eland, Giraffe and Zebra are on the menu with the African Lion as main course.

The most important thing at Hunting Legends is for us and our hunters to have fun and enjoy Africa at its best.


Jim and Ray The Legends themselves – Ray Bunney and Jim Burnworth

Hunting Legends 3-YouTube sharing from Media Jungle on Vimeo.

Hunting Legends 1-YouTube sharing from Media Jungle on Vimeo.

Hunting Legends 5-YouTube sharing from Media Jungle on Vimeo.

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Choose your Weapon in Africa

August 28, 2013 in Bow hunting, Gunroom by Hunting Legends

Choose your Weapon in Africa

The hosts of Choose your Weapon & Western Extreme on the Outdoor Channel have just hunted with Outfitter Frikkie Du Toit, on one of our Valley of the Kings Reserves in South Africa!

Bow Hunting Legend – Mr. Jim Burnworth and Rifle Maestro – Mr. Ray Bunnye has just hunted with Hunting Legends and Outfitter Frikkie du Toit on our Valley of the Kings Groot Marico Reserve in the Northwest Province of South Africa.

What an absolute privilege to host legends like Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney on our reserves, not to mention an African Big Game Legend and friend like Frikkie Du Toit.

Bow Hunting Legend – Jim Burnworth

Bow Hunting Legend – Jim Burnworth

The Choose your Weapon & Western Extreme Team certainly had their work cut out for them on this trip, hunting Cape Buffalo and Crocodile just for starters. Now they are on their way to ZImbabwe on an Elephant Hunt with a Bow – what a hunt!!

Professional Hunter Frikkie Du Toit and Ray Bunney with a great Crocodile

Professional Hunter Frikkie Du Toit and Ray Bunney with a great Crocodile

Hunting Legends would like to thank the Western Extreme & Choose your Weapon Team (Jim, Ray and Frikkie Du Toit) for hunting with us and being such stand up guys. An especial thanks to Jim for sharing all your marketing ideas and suggestions. We look forward to implementing them as soon as possible Jim and watch this space buddy.

If you love hunting as much as legends – Jim Burnworth and Ray Bonney, then Africa should be your first choice people.

 Jim Burnworth

Africa offers you a huge variety of top animal species, great facilities and awesome hunting destinations all in one.

$1000 Dollar 7 x day African Hunting Safari Special still valid:

Bring 4 x friends along and only pay $1000 each for 7 x days hunting in South Africa.

All accommodation, food,. professional hunters, skinners, trackers, airport transport all included – no hidden costs.

Only pay for your trophies!

Group discounts for Dipping and Shipping your trophies!

This is the way to hunt Africa – don’t miss out, contact us today and secure your trip now!!

Watch this space … big news coming soon and watch the Outdoor Channel & Western Extreme & Choose your Weapons with Jim Burnworth and Ray Bonney today.

Don’t just be … be the legend..



Lion Hunting by Bow

August 27, 2013 in Bow hunting by Hunting Legends

Lion Hunting by Bow

If you have ever considered hunting a lion with rifle or bow, then contact us now for your special deal and an amazing hunt of life time. We are privileged to say that we did three lion hunts in 2009 with bow and arrow and they all turned out to be awesome hunts.

The hunters were Steve Demerac, Tom Fleming and Vincent Barranco. We will soon be bringing you the videos of all these hunts as we were fortunate to have Keith Powell form Sportsmen of North America along with their TV cameras.

For more information contact us today or request your free quote.

To Stevie, Tommy and Vinnie – well done my friends, you made us proud!