Don’t just be…be the legend

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“Legends are forged in the crucible of Africa’s wild places.
The legend within answers to the call of your hunter’s spirit.
Don’t just be…be the legend”.

A Legendary African Safari

Hunting Legends offers a truly legendary experience, richly flavoured by the nostalgia of a Colonial era and the romanticism of Africa’s people, its wildlife and its legends. As Africa owns time, we have used it painstakingly to sculpt this adventure to our clients’ needs over many years of hunting.

Although the emphasis is on the thrill of the hunt, it is but one aspect in the final ensemble of fond memories, awe–inspiring stories, and magnificent trophies you will take home. Hunting legends offers limited hunts by invitation, to selected friends who share our passion.

Our rates are generous given the fact that neither effort nor expense has been spared in order to make good our promise of a truly legendary experience.

Welcome to Hunting Legends Africa.


On Prime Hunting Grounds

Hunting Legends operates from several hunting concessions in Southern Africa, foremost of these being its South African base in the forbidding wilderness of the Limpopo River Valley, at the confluence of the Limpopo and Mogol rivers.

The “Valley Of The Kings” concession area proudly holds dominion over this 50 000 acre pristine nature reserve, bordering Botswana’s renowned Tuli block (a World Heritage Site). The reserve is owned by a royal family from the Middle East, making it an exceptionally rare privilege to be invited to hunt these royal hunting grounds. Needless to say the variety and quality of trophies, as well as facilities comprising of four authentic African lodges, are superb.

In addition, Hunting Legends operates in selected concessions in Namibia (Caprivi), Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania, giving our clients access to an extraordinary range of species, landscapes, and cultures.

Whether in pursuit of the the bone-crushing Big 5, abundant plainsgame, or world class wing shooting, do it by rifle, shotgun, or bow – and be prepared for a class act that will blow your mind and not your budget.

“Truly said – trophies are not dead animals, but living memories. Trophies serve not only as proof of opportunity seized, but they call up the fondest memories, of daring, hardship, good friends and the smell of wood smoke from a campfire”.


World class infrastructure and service

Apart from royally appointed accommodation, our uncompromising approach to authenticity and quality is echoed in our service and infrastructure. You will find a fleet of top quality, meticulously maintained vehicles at your disposal, and a one-of-a-kind rifle range is equipped with Closed Circuit TV, night shooting, as well as clay pigeon and skeet facilities. As a valued friend, you will be hosted by a senior member of Hunting Legends, who will entertain you, share his intimate knowledge of the area, and constantly ensure the quality of your experience.

Our teams of hand-picked PH’s, trackers, skinners, chefs, and taxidermists, are accustomed to serving royalty, and all take pride in being one of the finest outfits. Service costs money and dedication, and at Hunting Legends we are not shy to invest in your experience.

Sharing your experience

An experience that cannot be shared is often rendered hollow. Hunting Legends invites you to bring your hunting partners, spouses and children, for our legendary experience extends to a range of activities that will keep them captivated and enthralled with Africa. These include horseback, quad bike, and hiking excursions, river cruises, game drives, curio shopping, day spa, bird watching, and target shooting. For those preferring a more personal experience, we have mobile internet facilities to impress friends and family with your pictures even before your trophy grows cold, and a professional camera crew to eternalise every adrenalin-pumping moment.

Be the legend

Hunting Legends challenges you … be the legend. Live every spine-chilling roar, every earth-shaking challenge, every bone-crushing charge and white knuckled chase, right down to the ecstatic victory cry. Live that gentle brush of sadness to see a worthy adversary fall.

Live the camaraderie of friends and stories around the campfire. Live the quiet reflections at dusk, meandering down the Limpopo River, and re-live it all again as you tell your story, and your legend is born in the awe-inspired eyes of your sons.

“Immersed once again in this exhilaration – echoed in an ancient core of my being, stalking the stalker, each thicket pregnant with possibility, the quickening of senses, and the knawing alarm that my place at the top of the food chain may be severely compromised…I’m home.”

Why choose Hunting Legends?

  • A legendary experience .. A fine blend of adrenalin-pumping action, pristine African wilderness, and intriguing culture.
  • Authentic African Safaris (“The Real Deal”) .. guaranteed by 50 000 Acres of open range Private Game Reserves and fair chase hunting.
  • Convenience of a One Stop Outfit .. hunting 7 African countries including selected concessions in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana.
  • Vast herds of game .. you’ll be spoilt for choice with an ubundance of game in our private hunting concessions.
  • Excellent trophies .. result from these fantastic and unspoilt hunting concessions.
  • World class accommodation .. in authentic African lodges fit for royalty.
  • Legendary service .. provided by full time Executive Hosts and hand-picked staff .
  • Impressive infrastructure .. meticulously maintained communications, vehicles, abattoirs, shooting ranges, airstrips, and armoury.
  • Carefree hunting .. we operate in politically stable areas, free from tropical diseases.
  • Share your experience .. invite your hunting partners, or non-hunting family and friends.

Is this a good value proposition?

Undoubtedly – foreign currencies are typically strong against Africa with the US$ trading around $1 to 9 ZAR, giving you more “buck for your buck”. In addition, considering the quality of your trophies, accommodation, service, facilities and location, which all make for a truly legendary safari, our prices are generous. Don’t take our word for it – put us to the test.

Hunting Legends will tailor a safari proposal to your requirements, with no obligation. For detailed prices, and booking information please visit the following pages:

CLICK HERE: Download our two page brochure





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Hunt on Private Nature Reserves in South Africa

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Hunting Legends



  • Experience an African Hunting Safari like non other with The Hunting Legends of Africa.
  • Our facilities are world class and the trophy quality excellent.
  • We offer you several options to tailor make your own safari to best suit your needs. Hunt in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana or any one of our other countries.
  • World Class Big 5 Hunts, fantastic plains game hunting, wing shooting, fishing and many more.
  • Our prices are affordable, our service unbeatable and our hospitality unheard of.
  • JOIN US AT THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS in Northern South Africa and hunt on “royal property”!
  • The Valley of the Kings concession (as we fondly call it) belongs to a “Royal Family” of the Middle East and you will experience luxury and excellent hunting at normal rates.







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Hunting Legends

Thank you for supporting Hunting Legends International, by visiting our website:

The debate between hunters and conservationists will always exist, there is no doubt about that. Perhaps the fundamental contribution of ammunition against ethical hunting, is provided by un-ethical hunters themselves. It is and has always been imprtant to identify the rogue’s in our industry and to root them out where ever possible!

It our humble opinion that client’s and visting tourists can actually play a much more important role in this process, and thereby contribute towards removing the fly by nights from this industry.

The obvious way to achieve this, is to not to accept the bad, and the un-ethical services, such vistors or hunters some times encounter. When a tourist or visiting hunter encounters such un-ethical practices during or after his visit, it is important for that person, to take the matter further, and not just to accept it, and write it off as a bad experience.

In this way, relevant authorities and organisations governing or protecting the industry can get to hear of these mal practices, and assist in putting an end to such operators.

Organisations such as SCI (Safari Club International) can play a vital role in such dealings, and also link the hunter up with  the applicable governing authorities.

In order to protect our industry, it is vital for us to stand up against the people doing us the most damage, and sorry to say, it is often players and operators within our own industry that do this.

Help us rid the industry of the foul players, by going public and making their un-ethical practices within the industry known! Help boycot such operators on the trade shows, conventions and media. Help the industry, to help you!

Great adventure and TV show in America

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Click image above:


If you live in the United States of America, then you must get in touch with these guy’s. Sportsmen of North America is a great membership organization for hunters!

Started by Keith Powell, Sportsmen of North America is growing from strength to strength – week after week. They host their own Cable TV Shows and sponsor GIVE AWAY hunts every week of the year!

If you haven’t visited yet you are missing out big time!

These are homest christian folks with a passion for hunting and the great outdoors, and strive to give their members the best value for their buck!

Sportsmen of North America visited us this year in Africa, and we had a blast! Keith Powell, Heath Painter and Bobby Hart (RW HART & SON) came to Namibia this year, and we filmed an excellent hunt and TV show which will be showing soon.

Make sure to visit SPORTSMENNA.COM today, and check out their membership details!

Hunting Legends

Trophy Hunting Can Help African Conservation, Study Says

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 Hunting Legends


John Pickrell for National Geographic News
March 15, 2007

Trophy hunting can play an essential role in the conservation of African wildlife, according to a growing number of biologists. Now some experts are calling for a program to regulate Africa’s sport-hunting industry to ensure its conservation benefits.

According to a recent study, in the 23 African countries that allow sport hunting, 18,500 tourists pay over $200 million (U.S.) a year to hunt lions, leopards, elephants, warthogs, water buffalo, impala, and rhinos.

Private hunting operations in these countries control more than 540,000 square miles (1.4 million square kilometers) of land, the study also found. That’s 22 percent more land than is protected by national parks. As demand for land increases with swelling human populations, some conservationists are arguing that they can garner more effective results by working with hunters and taking a hand in regulating the industry.

Sport hunting can be sustainable if carefully managed, said Peter Lindsey, a conservation biologist with the University of Zimbabwe in Harare, who led the recent study. “Trophy hunting is of key importance to conservation in Africa by creating [financial] incentives to promote and retain wildlife as a land use over vast areas,” he said. In an upcoming edition of the journal Conservation Biology Lindsey and an international team of colleagues call for a plan to increase the conservation benefits of sport hunting, including a certification program to more tightly regulate the industry.

“To justify the continued existence of [protected] areas in the context of increasing demand for land, wildlife has to pay for itself and contribute to the economy, and hunting provides an important means of achieving this,” Lindsey said. Hunting’s Checkered Past In order to be certified under Lindsey’s proposed plan, hunting operations would have to prove their commitment to animal welfare, careful management of hunting quotas, wide-ranging conservation objectives, and the development of local communities. “The time has come for greater scrutiny from scientists to promote maximum conservation benefits from hunting,” Lindsey said.

“There should also be a greater effort from the hunting industry to self-regulate and ensure that unscrupulous elements are weeded out.” Trophy hunting has a bad reputation in the developed world, due in part to indiscriminate hunting by early European settlers, Lindsey observed.



Reckless hunting resulted in the extinction of species such as the quagga (a cousin of the zebra) and led to the massive decline of others, including the elephant and black rhinoceros.

But hunting has also been credited with facilitating the recovery of species, Lindsey’s team argues in its paper. The southern white rhinoceros grew from just 50 animals a century ago to over 11,000 wild individuals today, because hunts gave game ranchers a financial incentive to reintroduce the animal, the authors write.

Trophy hunting has also driven the reintroduction of cape mountain zebra and black wildebeest in South Africa, Lindsey said. Hunters typically take just 2 to 5 percent of males annually from hunted animal populations, he added, which has a negligible effect on the populations’ reproductive health. Opposition Remains Many animal rights groups remain fundamentally opposed to killing animals for sport.

“The idea of trophy hunting as a conservation method is an extremely tricky and contentious issue that generates disparate views from people all of whom claim to want the best for animals,” said Marc Bekoff a behavioral ecologist at the University of Colorado in Boulder and author of The Emotional Lives of Animals. Bekoff said that while the certification program is a good idea, he has difficulty believing it could work well in practice, because the bureaucracies involved in such regulation would be complex.

“It’s hard to believe that the situation has reached the point where killing is the best way to conserve,” he said. “There have to be more humane alternatives.” In late February South Africa announced long-awaited legislation against so-called canned hunting, in which animals are shot in cages or are tranquilized and released shortly before being gunned down. The ban will take effect June 1 under a law that also bans hunting with bows and arrows.

Please share your thoughts and comments with us on this paper, by submitting your comments below. Real Africa Safari Holdings is proud of our role we play in conservation, and believe that we as professional, and ethical hunters have made a huge impact on conserving wildlife in the area’s we manage – for generations to come.