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Friday was just what England needed. I was as guilty as anyone for growing delusions of grandeur with this England side — presuming that they were a bunch of world-beaters due to some qualification campaign.
In soccer, defeats happen Needless to say. It is part of the game. The shockwaves that were felt after falling into the Czech Republic is testament to this degree of expectation Gareth Southgate has garnered round the area.
So no, England arent 1970s Brazil, many have gleefully commented on social media but they also arent a lot of Overrated Frauds. They are.
The defeat in Prague was the best thing which could happen to the England side, since they are going to continue being ultra-focused to get the business done in Sofia and push towards qualification.
Bulgaria, the bottom side of Group A, are not up to much, I am afraid. Only one point with a 4-0 hammering against England thrown there, simply isnt very good, and there will be no upset this time around.
Southgate will need to see a reaction after Friday, also sadly Bulgaria will bear the brunt of the, which explains the reason why Im funding an England win.
England have scored at least three goals and there is a similar outcome likely on Monday.
Im backing a penalty to be awarded.
During Englands five qualifiers, six penalties are awarded in total (four to five England), with two coming from the clash involving within this fixture in Wembley.
Englands speed and nous afforded plenty of spot-kicks since Southgates coming, and I wouldnt be surprised to find yet another on Monday.

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