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– a contribution with the AG University History with the TU Braunschweig –

A huge selection of letters in the estate of Eduard Justi. Photo: Uabs.The University Archiv Braunschweig (UABS) received a letter from Eduard Wilhelm Lohard Justi in October final year. This estate features a specific significance for the TU Braunschweig, as Justi was not just a professor here, but long-standing Institute Director and 1954 and 1955 also rector on the university.A contribution by Marie Schlotter, University Archives in the TU Braunschweig.Honor Title Th and TU Braunschweig (from 1900 to the present day)- a contribution of your AG University History of your TU Braunschweig -Certificate for honorary doctorate for Fritz Giesel (University Archive in the TU Braunschweig, B two: help with thesis 58 – Honorary Medical doctor Act) – Cutout.At the TU Braunschweig the title of honor senator / in and -doctor are awarded. Most not too long ago, Udo-Willi Kögler received the honorary seasons and Uta Hassler 2017 the title Dr.-Ing. E. H (Honor Halber). Both have predecessors: Based on present knowledge, the honorary doctoral dignity has been awarded 317 occasions and the honorary sensors would have 110 times. You will find also some honorary citizens.

A contribution from Claudia towards the Wieden.Worth understanding concerning the home of science in Braunschweig.The catalog for the permanent exhibition in the house of science has been published! In the little exer for the house of science. The spot, the home, its story would be the band and is published within the series publications of your University Library and the University Archives Braunschweig, Volume 18. The authors Lars Strominski and Andreas Eberhard, each Braunschweig historians, have created the exhibition catalog in the University Archive Braunschweig.The richly illustrated catalog documents the permanent exhibition opened in 2016 “from the small exer to the home of science”. Part with the photographs and documents shown for the initial time, the history of this prominent Braunschweiger creating and place is told by the imperial time for you to the present. Complemented by an introductory text and additional references, the band provides a stimulating entry into an intriguing chapter Braunschweiger city and university history. 1937 opened as a Bernhard Rust University of National Socialist teacher education, the residence served right after 1945 under the name Kant-Hochschule as a pedagogical university. In 1978, it was integrated in to the technical university that the building has been utilizing given that then. Right now right here could be the home of Science GmbH at residence. Refer towards the detailed and informative discussion of this publication in Braunschweiger Zeitung dated 22.08.2017.

The catalog is the cost of 6, – ? within the loan web page of the University Library (Mon – Fri 9 – 7 pm, Sat 10 – 14 o’clock), in the central office for additional education Property of science, ZI. 210, 2nd floor (Mon-Thu eight.30-16, Fri 8:30-14 clock) and obtainable in the regional book trade.A web based edition might be found at: Digital Library – The Publication Server of the TU Braunschweig.On Saturday, 26.08.2017, at 3 pm both authors lead via the exhibition. Meeting point is inside the foyer (principal entrance), property of science. Admission is absolutely free.Communicated by Klaus Oberdieck, head of your University Archives on the TU Braunschweig.Weblog of Braunschweigian History Association.Regarding the blog.The blog presents and collects contributions towards the history with the Braunschweigerland. It informs about present topics and projects of landscaping study and also the institutions connected with it. It wants to bring together analysis and interested parties and encourage mutual exchange.Did you resolve a mystery of their spot as a home researcher? Have you as a student written a readable seminar work on regional history? Are you operating in an archive, a museum or a library with the area and would prefer to share interesting insights out of your practical work?Then you can share your expertise right here. Create the editors!The Weblog Presents and Collects Contributions to the History in the Brunswick Country. IT Delivers Details ON Existing Subjects AND PROJECTS OF LAND HISTORICAL Study and ITS Affiliated Institutions. It desires to /help-writing-a-research-proposal/ Bring Collectively Researchers as well as other Interested Parties and Stimulate Mutual Exchanges.Have You Solved As Regional History of your Town? Have You Written As a Student Seminar Function on Regional History? You Function In An Archive, A Museum Or maybe a Library inside the Region And Would like to Share Fascinating Insights From your Practical Function?You’ll be able to Then Share Your Knowledge Here. Write The Editor!