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I’ve been with this website Since they shifted from bodog and was a customer since 2004. Let me get to the point. Last night I go 5-0 reside bets in NBA. This is not the first time that I wagered live in NBA however it will be the last. I hit for $2500 total on the 5 wagers and to my disgust this morning I log in to check any line motion and notice that my account is brief $2500. I check my bet history and all bets that were posted winners last night are now stating”outcome canceled”. So I provide bovada a telephone and ask wtf is going on. The lady said that they canceled those wagers all based on the simple fact of a lineup discrepancy. I’ve lost several times on live betting (more than I have won) and did they ever credit my account on a lineup discrepancy??? Of course not. They place, if you win they can choose to cancel the wager that they offered with the line. My wagers were accepted by them, and posted them following the games as wins. Even credited my account with the capital. This is just wrong on so many degrees and today I must cancel my accounts with this corrupt website. Their juice and lines are awful anyways, I just like to line shop when looking for a game. I’ve a bookmaker accounts that has never screwed over me. Bovada is a hack gaming website and discourage anyone from using them so be careful if you’re.

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