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Best Debt Consolidation Reduction

We have contrasted every debt consolidating program for sale in Singapore to simply help consumers discover the most way that is affordable get a handle on their particular financial obligation. Our selection of the most useful debt consolidating financial loans below shows the essential inexpensive and versatile programs offered according to your requirements regarding handling charges, rates of interest and promotions.

Honorable State – Lowest Advertised Prices: CIMB Bank Debt Consolidating

  • Cheapest Advertised Interest Levels: 7% EIR
  • Processing Fee: 1%
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CIMB debt consolidating Loan Details
Processing Fee 1%
Flat speed As low as 2.77per cent
Min EIR 7%
Tenure 1-8 Years
  • Cheapest Advertised Rates Of Interest: 7% EIR
  • Processing Fee: 1%
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CIMB debt consolidating Loan Details
Processing Fee 1%
Flat speed only 2.77per cent
Min EIR 7%
Tenure 1-8 Years

Other Debt Consolidation Reduction Plans That Individuals Considered

Aside from the options we stated earlier, we have considered all the debt consolidation reduction plans provided by all banks that are major Singapore. These generally include banking institutions like Bank of Asia, Citibank, DBS, POSB, OCBC, traditional Chartered and UOB. Most of all, these financial institutions charge greater interest that is effective compared to lenders highlighted above. Additionally, these finance companies have actually less flexible loan terms (OCBC – 3-8 many many years), greater handling charges and, generally in most instances, don’t guarantee their particular prices, unlike HSBC.

Standard Chartered UOB OCBC Citi
Processing Fee S$199 Unknown N/A N/A
Flat prices from 3.98percent from 4.5per cent 4.5% from 5.7%
Min EIR from 7.70per cent from 8.22per cent 8.06percent from 10.5%
Tenure 1-10 Years 1-8 years 3-8 years years that are 1-7

Simple tips to Compare Debt Consolidation Reduction Loans

Evaluating debt consolidation reduction financial financial loans should always be a fairly straightforward procedure. Very first, consumers will have to regulate how lengthy it shall decide to try repay their particular financial obligation. Debt consolidation reduction loans have a tendency to cover anything from 1 to a decade, though only a few loan providers provide financial loans of 8 to ten years. Next, borrowers must think about the cost that is total of debt consolidating program. This consists of rates of interest, handling fees and any campaigns. Not absolutely all loan providers guarantee their particular marketed prices, so it’s vital that you carefully review the stipulations of each and every loan.

Am I Entitled To A Debt Consolidating Arrange?

To become entitled to a debt consolidation reduction Arrange (DCP), borrowers should be Singapore Citizens or lasting Residents, with yearly incomes between S$20,000 and S$120,000. With this specific said, all the banking institutions inside our analysis need people to earn at the very least S$30,000 yearly. Also, qualified DCP borrowers might not have assets that are net S$2 million. Qualified individuals should have interest-bearing non-secured debt on bank cards and unsecured credit facilities surpassing 12 times their particular month-to-month earnings. Types of financial obligation that can’t be consolidated with a DCP feature shared reports and remodelling, health, education and business financial loans. Eventually, people that have present debt consolidating programs may re-finance a couple of months following the endorsement of the present DCP.

DCP Eligibility Needs

  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Annual Earnings between S$20,000 and S$120,000
  • Web Personal Assets lower than S$2 million
  • Complete interest-bearing debt in excess of 12 times month-to-month income


Yes. This way, debt consolidation reduction programs aren’t unlike various various other finance that is personal such as for example bank cards or financial loans.

No. Debt consolidating programs is not made use of to settle outstanding balances of knowledge financial loans, remodelling financial loans, health financial financial loans, company funding, or outstanding debts under joint records. Because of these limitations, DCPs aren’t limited by the borrowing that is same as various other financial loans.

Yes. Debt consolidation reduction programs don’t allow for limited consolidations and for multiple DCPs with various banking institutions.

Like most credit center, your Credit Bureau report shall consist of your financial troubles combination loan. Nonetheless, in the event that you make on-time re payments texas payday loans for DCP and all of the various other debts your credit rating will continue to be unchanged. We additionally advise that you create at the very least the minimum payments that are monthly your other records until the debt combination program is authorized.

William is a Senior Research Analyst at ValueChampion Singapore, centering on financial and SMEs. He formerly had been A consultant that is economic at Economics Inc.