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6. Where may I find information on COPPA?

The FTC features a website that is comprehensive provides information towards the public on a number of agency tasks. The Children’s Privacy part includes many different materials regarding COPPA, including all proposed and final guidelines, general public responses gotten by the Commission for the duration of its rulemakings, guides for organizations, moms and dads, and instructors, information on the Commission-approved COPPA safe harbor programs, and FTC situations taken to enforce COPPA. Lots of the materials that are educational the FTC site are also obtainable in difficult content totally free at

7. Exactly exactly exactly What can I do if i’ve questions regarding the COPPA Rule?

First thing you really need to do is browse the FTC’s Children’s Privacy guidance materials. If, after reviewing the FTC’s on the web materials, you keep up to own particular COPPA questions, please deliver an email to your COPPA hotline at

8. Just exactly What must I do if We have a problem about somebody breaking the COPPA Rule?

You may fill out a complaint type on the web. You may phone our cost free phone number, (877) FTC-HELP, to submit your issue to a real time operator.

9. I am aware that COPPA does not apply to websites just, but additionally to “online solutions. ” What kinds of online services does COPPA apply to?

COPPA applies to private information accumulated online by operators of both web sites and online solutions. The word “online service” broadly covers any solution available on the internet, or that connects to your Web or perhaps a network that is wide-area. Samples of online solutions consist of services that enable users to try out network-connected games, take part in social media tasks, purchase items or services online, receive online advertisements, or communicate with other online content or services. Cellphone applications that hook up to the online world, Internet-enabled video gaming platforms, voice-over-Internet protocol services, and Internet-enabled location-based solutions are online solutions included in COPPA.

10. Does COPPA connect with information on young ones gathered online from moms and dads or other grownups?

No. COPPA just relates to private information collected online from young ones, including private information about by themselves, their moms and dads, buddies, or any other people. Nonetheless, the Commission’s 1999 declaration of Basis and Purpose records that the Commission expects that operators could keep confidential any information acquired from moms and dads for the duration of acquiring consent that is parental supplying for parental access pursuant to COPPA. See 64 Fed. Reg. 59888, 59902 n. 213.

11. How does COPPA use and then kids under 13? How about protecting the privacy that is online of?

In enacting the Children’s on line Privacy Protection Act, Congress determined to apply the statute’s protections and then kiddies under 13, recognizing that youngsters are especially susceptible to overreaching by marketers and could perhaps not comprehend the security and privacy dilemmas developed by the internet number of information that is personal.

Although COPPA doesn’t connect with teens, the FTC is worried about teenager privacy and does think that strong, more versatile, defenses could be right for this age bracket. See FTC Report: Protecting Consumer Privacy in a time of Rapid Change: strategies for organizations and Policymakers (Mar. 2012), at 29, 60. The FTC has also released range guidance documents for teenagers and their moms and dads. These academic materials are offered at www.

12. I’m sure the COPPA Rule is set off by the number of private information from kiddies, nevertheless the given information i collect within my web web site or solution is voluntary, perhaps perhaps not mandatory. Does COPPA still use?

Yes. The Rule governs the web assortment of private information from kids with a covered operator, even when kiddies volunteer the information and knowledge or are not necessary because of the operator to enter the knowledge to engage in the webssite or solution. The Rule additionally covers operators that allow children publicly to publish private information. Finally, because the FTC clarified into the amended Rule, the passive tracking of children’s private information through a persistent identifier, and not simply its active collection, is also included in COPPA. See 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 (concept of “collection”).

13. Will the COPPA Rule keep my child from accessing pornography?

No. COPPA is supposed to give moms and dads control of the online collection, usage, or disclosure of information that is personal from kiddies, and wasn’t built to protect kids from viewing specific forms of content anywhere they could look online. If you’re worried about your young ones accessing online pornography or other improper materials, you might want to consider a filtering system or an isp that gives tools to aid screen down or limit usage of such product. Details about such tools is present at companies such as for instance www. And. this is certainly www and from manufacturers of several systems that are operating.

14. Will the amended COPPA Rule prevent kids from lying about what their age is to join up for basic market web internet web sites or services that are online terms of solution prohibit their participation?

No. COPPA covers operators of basic market web sites or online solutions just where such operators have really actual knowledge that a young child under age 13 may be the individual supplying private information. The Rule will not need operators to inquire of the chronilogical age of site site visitors. But, an operator of a basic market website or service that chooses to screen its users for age in a basic fashion may count on age information its users enter, just because that age info is perhaps perhaps not accurate. This may mean that children are able to register on a site or service in violation of the operator’s Terms of Service in some circumstances. If, nonetheless, the operator later determines that the specific individual is a son or daughter under age 13, COPPA’s notice and parental permission needs is going to be triggered.