A documentary called Blood Lions

The shocking truth of a documentary called Blood Lions and the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. The sad part of this documentary, is that many of the facts and footage filmed is indeed true and this problem needs to be addressed no matter what.

This is a story about Cecil the Lion and a documentary film called Blood Lions – the future lies in the truth.

Having listened to and watched Mr Mahoney, we need to ask the following:

  • Is the “unbiased truth – wholly portrayed” or brought to the public attention in this documentary?
  • Is it done with a portrayal of the actual facts and the truth, or is it perhaps done in a biased manner with an emphasis on only the bad, because that is what will sell to the world out there?
  • Are people interviewed represented truthfully in context of their interviews, or are their comments censored to fit a storyboard which bests suits the producers and which will sell to their target audience?

There is no doubt that as in perhaps any other industry, there are indeed a number of unethical characters and operators only focused on making money and nothing else. There is also no doubt that

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the producers of this documentary are themselves guilty of not showing the truth where applicable and we aim to set the record straight.

We will put the very same producers to test and see if they too can stand the test of integrity, as they claim to be what they stand for.

There is no doubt that the Hunting Industry has been called to task and the outcome of this documentary will indeed become a valuable contribution to the future of sustainable conservation. Canned hunting has to stop and there is no doubt that this practice is indeed a reality in South Africa.

  • What needs to be defined however, is what and when is it canned hunting?
  • When is it fair chase and ethical hunting and when not?
  • What should the laws be governing this issue and how can it be implemented and managed as a responsible contributor to conservation of all species throughout the industry?

We know that many of you out there

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set and appalled by hunting no matter what and you may never be educated in, or persuaded to think that hunting has any role in conservation at all.

As Mr Mahoney says in the above video, we accept that and respect that you are entitled to your opinion. However, as you are entitled, so are we and millions other who indeed understand the facts and the role hunting has to play in Africa and the World at large.

To those people, we agree, time has come to stand up against unethical hunting practices, no matter what the species, where in the world or practiced by whoever.

We support the notion that the industry MUST BE CLEANED UP and we will support all efforts to rid the industry of any unethical hunting practices and operators – no matter what, even if it is found to include ourselves.

However, we will also not stand by and watch a biased documentary go public, abusing and misrepresenting our own company and what we stand for!!!

  • The producers of the documentary Blood Lions, have misused an interview with one of our staff members and manipulated it to suit their storyboard,

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    without any content for the truth of the interview, or the very cause we stood for and advocated during this interview.

  • NONE OF THE FOOTAGE FILMED (other than the interview with a Hunting Legends staff member at SCI in Las Vegas), was shot on ANY OF our properties or conservancies we hunt on.
  • NONE OF THE VULGAR AND ABUSIVE INTERVIEWS was done or conducted with Hunting Legends or any of our staff members.

Yet due to an honest and open interview held with one of our senior

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staff members at SCI (Safari Club International) in Las Vegas about the truth of the lion hunting industry and what we stand for, our company finds itself victim in the documentary as if we are a major player in the canned lion industry, which we are not.

May the producer of Bloodlions take note, your documentary may be first to go public, however, we (Hunting Legends), will have our day in Court with you sir and as they say – the truth always comes out.

In loving memory of our friend Freddie who tragically died in May 2015. We will have your true interview

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matter but that is for another essay ). The authors make certain that they use slogans, have the right management etc that produces the essay appealing to read. and what you stood for – told my friend.

Freddie Oosterhuis

Freddie Oosterhuis